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Just a little something sparkly for the holidays…

baby in front of a twinkle light backdrop


Lorna Knightingale - I truly love your work, I adore the images here. Newborns and babies are my favorite and I simply must know where you got those cute leg warmers. You have inspired me with your work. Thank you.

Sandy - Thank you, Lorna! I think the baby’s mom bought the leg warmers at Baby Gap!

Rebecca - Hello I love the back drop to this photo what did U use? Or is it something u can do my photoshop. I’d love to get my pics done by u but I live in washington state. My baby’s due dec 23 and I have an image in my head with a background like this for christmas pics

Sandy - Hi Rebecca! I hung curtain length twinkle lights from a backdrop bar. But I know that digital twinkle light backdrops can be purchased and photoshopped in, too.

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