Drink the Wild Air

I haven’t posted a family photo session in a while!  Here is a lovely family that I have been photographing since their first maternity session.  It has been such a pleasure to come back every year and watch their family grow.


Such fun personalities in this family.


This little girl cracks me up.


I think letting kids have fun and explore is an important part of any family photography session.


You can see that there is still some snow on the ground; these photos were taken in February.  When Tanya said that she wanted to do a winter photo session, I was totally on board with that plan.  I love the colors that Tanya chose for her family to wear.


These two are so sweet together.


We decided to do a shot of the whole family walking and holding hands like this every year.  How cool to compare them every year and see how the kids have grown.  I love the bluish-purplish color to the trees in the background and the soft tones of all the grass and brush.  This image reminded me of one of my favorite quotes.


Tanya and Josh, thank you so much for letting me capture your family memories every year–I look forward to our annual tradition!!  (((Big Hugs))) Sandy

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Love Grows Here

Growing belly, growing family…growing love.  It’s such a beautiful thing to see a family’s happiness and anticipation when they are expecting a baby.  Today’s post features the lucky winners of my maternity session giveaway that was held in January, styled by the amazing Elena at Maternity Girl!


A gorgeous dress like this makes you want to have a formal event to go to, just so you can show off your baby bump in style!


I love it when I can capture a couple in the middle of a spontaneous laugh.  These two are so cute together!


Another gorgeous maternity dress provided by Maternity Girl.  The blush color looks so pretty on Jen.


I love seeing the natural curiosity that children have about mommy’s pregnant belly and how they point at where baby is.




Thank you, Jen, Joe, and Aiden, for being my awesome models!  And a super big thank you to Elena for everything she did to make this session fabulous!!!

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Of Good Things to Come

Cuddles and laughter…a warm hand on a round belly…a little ear listening for a heartbeat.  These are the joyful moments in anticipation of good things to come.  What a lovely family, whose moments I had the privilege of sharing when I photographed their maternity session.


I love the way little Atticus is standing on daddy’s shoe to reach mommy’s belly.


I also love how, even with the soft hues of everyone’s clothing, there is still a spot of bright color with Atticus’ shoes and race car bandaid–so very boyish!


One of my favorites from the session.  There is nothing sweeter than the feel of little hands on your face as your little one gives you kisses.


Atticus’ expression is just too adorable here!


Larissa and Ryan, thank you so much for letting me be a small part of this amazing time in your lives!

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Cream and Sugar

My beautiful friend Sam and her sweet husband Ben came to my Pittsburgh photography studio for a second set of maternity photos; this time we did some photos with a soft and dreamy bedroom feel, almost like a boudoir session.  I love the cream and sugar tones of these images.  I think neutral colors, soft lines, and textured materials are perfect when choosing what to wear for maternity photos.


Maternity boudoir is becoming more and more popular these days; it’s not necessarily about wearing sexy clothing, but more about a celebration of motherhood in a way that makes pregnant mamas feel beautiful and sensual.


When Sam saw her photos, she sent me this touching message: “I was extremely nervous about some of the more revealing pictures, but I don’t feel self conscious or embarrassed to show skin at all. Dare I say, I thought you made me look beautiful!!?!? I actually teared up looking at these because I can’t say I’ve ever looked at pictures of myself and felt that way. Some of these just personify the love we already feel for this baby and It’s a gift that you captured that.”

Aww, shucks.  That makes me so happy to hear that!

Sam brought her ultrasound photo, which I thought was a sweet addition to her belly photos.  I couldn’t decide which I liked more, the one with just Sam, or the one with Sam and Ben, so I decided to show you both.  Which do you like better?

We also did some photos with a bandeau bra and a black fabric wrap for a simple yet elegant look.  I keep a few bandeaus and wraps at the studio in black and cream colors in my stash so that I can offer this option to all my mamas that come to the studio.


I think that there is nothing manlier than a father who cherishes his wife and child.  I just love his expression as he hugs his future son.


Sam and Ben, thank you for allowing me to capture these intimate moments for you–I feel blessed to know such kind and loving people!  (((Big hugs))) Sandy

Deanna wysocki - These pictures are absolutely stunning!

Sandy - Thanks, Dee! :)

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Twice as Nice

I still have a bunch of beautiful maternity photo sessions to share with you, dear Reader, so I’m going to keep on going with the blog posts!  I may start calling it Maternity Month…

Today’s post features a lovely couple expecting twins.  You may recognize them already, because I blogged out of chronological order and posted their newborn session a while ago!  :)

We decided to explore Mellon park for Michelle and Ryan’s pregnancy photos; there are all kinds of great spots there, but my favorite are the wrought iron gates.



Thank you for letting me capture this special time for you, Michelle and Ryan!!  (((Hugs))) Sandy

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Maternity Week: Day 7 | Winter Dream

I just couldn’t wait to share these maternity photos with you, dear Reader!  Sam is a dear friend of mine that I’ve known for years, and I’ve literally watched her grow up before my eyes!  Now she’s a beautiful mama-to-be, and I can hardly believe it.

Sam had planned on a studio maternity session, but we both had expressed our hope that maybe we’d get some snow and be able to do a winter maternity photo shoot.  Then, just yesterday, I was editing photos and happened to look out the window–it was snowing!  Big, beautiful flakes falling from the sky and covering the ground in white!  I immediately texted Sam, barely able to contain my excitement.  Somehow, we were both free on the same day, and we were able to get everything together in an hour!   Yesterday was one of those rare days when it was cold enough to snow and actually lay, but then it got warm enough that we didn’t feel cold at all.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.



Isn’t she beautiful?  I think she looks like a queen of the woodland.



Thank you, Sam and Ben, for letting me capture this special time for you!!!  (((Hugs))) Sandy



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Maternity Week: Day 6 | She’s All That

Today’s maternity photography post features a beautiful mama who has got it goin’ on!  This session was styled by my friend Elena at Maternity Girl.  Who exactly is Maternity Girl?  From Elena’s website description: “Maternity Girl sells new and resale maternity and nursing apparel. She also provides styling services for maternity and breastfeeding photo shoots and rents maternity dresses in the Pittsburgh area.”  This description is accurate, but it doesn’t really do justice to everything that Elena does.  She’s a great resource for everything maternity and breastfeeding related in the Pittsburgh area; and on top of that, she has a fun and smart personality that will immediately make you love her!  Elena is really awesome at what she does–if you are an expectant mama, you should definitely check her out.

We started the session with some of the maternity clothing that Elena had in her inventory, and then did some photos with a boudoir feel.  Many thanks to Libby for being my gorgeous model–you rocked it, girl!



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Maternity Week: Day 5 | It’s a Girl!

Maternity Week is turning out to be a little longer than a week, lol!  I still have some more wonderful maternity photos to show you, so even though I didn’t get everything posted in one week, I’m going to keep chugging away until I get them all on the blog.  5 maternity sessions posted in 9 days so far–hey, I’m still doing better than I was, right?  Right??  :)

These pregnancy photos I’m showing you today are more than just belly pics–because this time it’s a gender reveal!  And the momma in these photos is the fabulous Elena of Maternity Girl–the very same person who will be styling the maternity session that is the prize from the giveaway held last week.  I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now–baby Emmeline is almost a year old!  [Hangs head in shame].  I’ll be posting the newborn photos in a week or two when it’s Newborn Week on the blog, I promise!

There are many ways to do a gender reveal; in this case Elena had a paper lantern ball stuffed with confetti and crinkle paper.


Cutie pie–look at that smile.  And those curls!




If you are expecting and are looking for a Pittsburgh baby or maternity photographer, please contact Red Lotus Photography or visit the investment page here.  Newborn photos are usually scheduled to take place within the first 10 days of birth, so please plan ahead and call Sandy before baby is born!  Red Lotus Photography specializes in baby photography, newborn photography, maternity photography and children’s photography in Pittsburgh, Fayette, McMurray, Canonsburg, Bridgeville, Peters, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Shadyside, Wexford, Sewickley, and other areas surrounding Pittsburgh.  Sandy offers children and newborn photography in her Pittsburgh photography studio .  For more information, please contact Sandy today.

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Maternity Week – Day 4 | Glow

What a sweet family I photographed for this maternity session, dear Reader!  So much love, plus more love on the way.  I just received a comment on one of my maternity posts from Timara, the mama you see below, whose words made me get a little misty:

“…I hated the thought of getting [maternity photos] done with my first one but my mom bullied me into it. It wasn’t until I saw those pictures, that weren’t well done, that I realized the beauty of the woman’s body. This time around I went to Sandy here at Red Lotus Photography and they were so beautiful I cried when I opened them! I wasn’t even still pregnant because we waited til I only had a month left. I love them and will be returning for more.”
Aww, thanks, Timara!


Dustin is one sweet and smart cookie; he pulled me aside before the session and said he would be PROPOSING to Timara at the end of the shoot!  Squee!  I felt privileged to be a fly on the wall during this very special moment.


Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this amazing time in your lives, Timara and Dustin!  (((Hugs))) Sandy

harley - These are amazing! I know the odds of winning are not in my favor due to the fact I JUST came across this but whomever does is very lucky, you capture beautiful moments!

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Maternity Week Giveaway!

***UPDATE*** The giveaway has ended.  And the winner is…Jen Mascaro!!!  Congratulations Jen, and a big thank you to everyone who entered!


I am so excited to announce a special giveaway for Maternity Week!  I am giving away a FREE Maternity session, plus a very special treat that I am over the moon about – the session will include styling services by Maternity Girl!  That is a total value of $1075!!!

It’s super easy to enter, and you can add bonus entries more than once by coming back every day until the giveaway ends Friday, January 9th at midnight.


Please make sure you  read all terms and conditions, dear Reader:

  • Winner must claim the prize within 48 hours of announcement; after 48 hours the prize will be given to the second place winner.
  • The photo session must take place at the Red Lotus Photography studio, or within a 30-minute driving time from downtown Pittsburgh.   The session must take place no later than August 31, 2015; after this date the prize may be nullified at the studio’s discretion.
  • Prize is not redeemable for cash, and is good for a maternity session only.
  • Winner must sign a model release.
  • Prize may be transferred to another person; all terms and conditions apply.

Ok, so now that you’ve read all the fine print, it’s time to call on Lady Luck!  It’s easy to enter – just let Rafflecopter lead the way.  Winner will be announced on Monday.  Good luck!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Amanda Taylor - I would love to win. I never understood the value of maternity pictures until AFTER my son was born. Even though I had my “pregnancy glow” with my son, I just didn’t feel pretty enough to get pictures done. I always had an excuse. Now it is something that I wish I would’ve done with my first child.

Danielle Maley - Thank you. For having this contest.

Mary goosev - Entering for my daughter.

Sandy - Thanks for stopping by to comment! Good luck!

Sandy - Thanks for sharing your story, Amanda. I know exactly how you feel, and I have a feeling that a lot of other moms do, too. Hugs, Sandy

Timara - Amanda I know what you mean. I hated the thought of getting them done with my first one but my mom bullied me into it. It wasn’t until I saw those pictures, that weren’t well done, that I realized the beauty of the woman’s body. This time around I went to Sandy here at Red Lotus Photography and they were so beautiful I cried when I opened them! I wasn’t even still pregnant because we waited til I only had a month left. I love them and will be returning for more.

harley - Just entered and also tagged some ladies who are also expecting. I did not do them with my daughter 8 years ago and I regret it very much!! Photos are something you can never replace

Kelly Phillipps - Entering for my little sister she’s due in July!!

Sandy - Thanks for your comment, Harley! I know what you mean; I didn’t get them done when I was pregnant with my daughter, either. I really wish that I had, because we had a hard time getting pregnant, and she’s my only child. There’s no going back!

Justine - Im pregnant with my first and I would love to win this. Maternity photos are so beautiful. What a wondwrful time to remember. Its so amazing how beautiful pregnant women are in a society rhatbis so obsessed appearance. Its great to celebrate such a beautiful moment.

Ashley abdrew - Your photos are just beautiful!

Jenna - i was so sick during my pregnant with Kayden I couldn’t even think of doing a shoot. After having sandy do our newborn shoot and the love and magic she captured I can’t imagine not having her capturing our second pregnancy. She’s absolutely unbelievable!!!

Sandy - Aww, thanks, Jenna! (((Hugs))) Sandy

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