Molly and J | Couple Session

She is an instructor of writing composition at Community College of Allegheny County; he, a professor mechanical engineering, engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University.  She has a passion for the performing arts, having written and performed two one-woman shows among her accomplishments.  He has a passion for his research, photography (yeah!), and music, and plays a mean guitar.  Both have a passion for social justice, the environment, and more than anything, each other.

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing, and exploring Pittsburgh with a delightful couple.  I can think of one word that would best describe Molly and J: awesome.  Spend a few minutes with these two and you will see what a cool, fun, witty, creative, and nice couple they are.

We started at the fountain at the Point.  This was my first time at the point, and oh my goodness, I never realized how humongous the fountain is.  It was not running yet, which was fine because we a had a clear shot of Heinz field in the background.


Here is J looking cool by the edge of the river.  This could be the cover shot for his CD.





In this one I shot with a slow shutter speed to make the speeding cars blur.


So sweet, putting a blossom in her hair.


Cool action shot.  These two are much braver than I!  Molly made the leap in clogs, no less.



I love the feel of this image, and the vibrant orange color.  And OMG, does Molly not have the most ridiculously beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen?



I have always wanted to do a shot like this, and luckily the stars were in alignment for me this evening: awesome couple+beautiful weather+low traffic = timeless image that I am just giddy over.


Molly and J will be celebrating their commitment to one another Memorial Day weekend, and I can not wait!  Thanks for an amazing time, M & J!

patti frounfelter - Sandy,

These are wonderful, beautiful, creative! And, of course, such a dynamic and adventurous…and very good-looking!!

Your interpretation of the couple and the space around them (pattern, line, texture, color) is fabulous!

Patti Frounfelter

Amanda - AAAAAahhhhhhhhhh! SO COOL ! I will be here often !

P.S. I bought a 5D. On a whim. I wanted one and then I started talking to another photo friend of mine who reminded me that they are discontinued thanks to the new model coming out (which is more expensive and supposedly not that much better) and so the old one (v 1.0) is starting to disappear. Much to my dismay upon investigation BH no longer has any AT ALL. And KEH only has 1 that’s Like New Minus condition…which I don’t want to pay $1800 for something someone else already changed all the settings on and has some wear and tear.

I found possibly the last one available on Amazon. I didn’t want to spend the money but I cannot sit by and watch all the fantastic success people are having with these low light shots and not be part of it. I just need more pixels!!

Molly Bain - We had such a wonderful time working with you, Sandy. You were creative and energetic, while deeply focused, and easy-going and playful, while impressively professional. We felt comfortable and encouraged to share our ideas, play, and open our hearts in front of your camera. Thank you for your work (your use of color and the Pittsburgh environment absolutely enthuse me!), as well as your willingness to run around and actually lie down on Pittsburgh streets with us! Molly

"Auntie" Donalee - Sandy, Molly and J are the BEST, aren’t they?You really caught their personalities with your camera. Looking forward to meeting you.
-Donalee Frounfelter

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