Jen & Jeff | Phipps Conservatory Wedding

Jen and Jeff had a lovely intimate wedding ceremony at Phipps Conservatory’s outdoor garden, surrounded by their close friends and family. I liked Jen and Jeff the minute I met them – they’ve got a great sense of humor that make them a lot of fun to be around!

Jen’s dress was so pretty; the lace, the shape…I especially liked the sash and brooch that accented the waist.

Blackberry wedding message

Jen secretly gave the officiant a surprise vow to include when it was Jeff’s turn – they had everyone in stitches!

There was an extra guest at the ceremony…

Love this one.

Jen and Jeff timed their pictures perfectly – look at that yummy, hazy lighting.

The glass sculptures and gargoyles on display were amazing; these two images by Kelly.

Love those wedding candy buffets!

wedding candy bar

The cake by Prantl’s Bakery was seriously good.

wedding cake by Prantl

I always like hearing those zingers during the toast. :)

You know, I like to think I’m pretty good at staying in the shadows so that I don’t get in my second shooter’s shots, but every so often we’ll get a gem like this one.  I’m like a blurry image of Bigfoot loping in the background.  Thanks, Kelly.  I’ll be photoshopping myself out now.

Ooo, look at that moon.  So romantic!

Jen and Jeff, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!  I had a blast!


Florist: Donati & Sons

Entertainment: Stasko Digital

Bakery: Prantl’s

Catering: Sodexo – Jeff Spirer – 412-310-7914

Hair/Makeup: HotHeads Salon

kelly - LOL! ohh man, the look on your face is priceless!

p.s. YAY, you put in the bunny!


So that’s what happens when you run out of your “puff of smoke” capsules! Gorgeous wedding, I love that dress and the weather and setting were perfect!

Jen - Wow! The pictures are absolutely beautiful – I particularly love the hazy one and the moonlight shot (you and Kelly worked hard for that one, so sorry, but it looks fabulous)and the ones by the water garden and the Jade flip shot and the one with the pan flute dude…I think you get what I am saying :) Thank you so much for making our wedding memories a was a pleasure to work with both you and Kelly. Can’t wait to see more!

Jen - Forgot to mention that I would prefer you not to photoshop yourself out of the pic – I like it the way it is! We could make a separate album and just hide little headshots of you/Kelly and call it “Where’s the photographer?”.. hee hee

Sandy - Lol, sure – I’ll give you one with and one without my face in there! Thanks for commenting!

anna - Oh my goodness I LOVE her flowers! these are all gorgeous and I especially love the one of them looking at the rabbit. priceless :)

Jenny - LOL! Beautiful pictures. Love, love, love the ones by the side pool. Such great light.

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