My Birthday Girl

Well, I did it, dear Reader.  I made it through the whole day without breaking into tears.  Another year has passed so quickly, and my little one is growing up.  I sometimes find myself looking wistfully at little babies, wishing I could go back and hold her like that again, just for a day…and at the same time, I find myself looking forward to what adventures the future will bring.  She only gets more fun as she grows, and I love experiencing the world anew through her eyes, sharing in her boundless enthusiasm.  I think I’m just going to enjoy living in the present, savoring every moment.

Happy birthday, baby girl.  Every time I look at your sweet face, I feel like I won the lottery!

Amanda - I especially love her serious faces :-)

Sandy - Haha, I couldn’t resist throwing that one in there!

anna - so umm…if I bring a tutu looking skirt can I do a shoot like this too? ;D

btw shes ADORABLE

Sandy - Lol, sure–I’m an equal opportunity photographer. Bring your tutu! :)

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Holiday Wishes

I wish many things for you this time of year and always, dear Reader…May you know the joy of loving family and friends all around you, and the kindness of strangers when you need it the most.  May you appreciate life for the wonderful gift that it is; may you live your life to the fullest, and live so that you have no regrets.  May you have a wonderful New Year, full of success and prosperity.  May you have more peace, love, and happiness than your heart can hold.   All these things and more I wish for you at Christmas and always.  Happy Holidays to you, dear Reader!

Amanda - Merry Christmas Yetter family !!

Sandy - Thanks Amanda – Merry Christmas!

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Child Photographer Mt. Lebanon | Little Man W

I haven’t forgotten you, dear Reader, even though you have been hearing crickets chirp due to lack of activity here!  I have been editing photos like a fiend – I’m waiting for my computer to implode on itself, seriously.  Anywho, here’s a gem of a session that I did when the weather was just a tad warmer. :)

I just love seeing my clients’ families grow over the years!  I’ve been working with Little Man’s parents since their maternity session, and I can’t believe how he is growing up!

I just love this time of curiosity and discovery in a child’s life.  Everything is so interesting!

We were getting a little sleepy, but after a quick rest we were recharged and ready to go.  I think it is sooo cute when little ones do things like hold on to their mommy’s hair when they are tired.

Jenny - Love the first picture where he is sitting on the horse, and the one where he is smelling the flower. Great vibrant colors.

Aaron - Great photos (as always)! I LOVE the black & white shots!

Amanda - I love these! Not sure which is my favorite – maybe the black and whites in the street. :-)

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Shawn & Ross | Mansion at Maple Heights Wedding

I’m on a roll, dear Reader; I keep getting all these wonderful couples!  Shawn and Ross are such a pleasure to be around; I knew I liked them from the moment we met.  Their intimate wedding ceremony and reception were held at the lovely Mansion at Maple Heights in Shadyside.  The bridal suite is awesome – so spacious and full of natural light.

I like this image by Jenny; you can see the dress in the mirror.

Such beautiful beadwork on Shawn’s dress.

Image by Jenny.

Great shot of Shawn’s dad by Jenny…

and nice wide shot of the ceremony taken by Jenny, who cheerfully crawled through some bushes and peeked over the fence to get this angle for me. :-)

And another one by Jenny that shows the mansion in the background.

Reverend Dina held such a nice service, full of thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Favorite shot of the day.

This may be my second favorite.

Well, hello there!  Cupcakes from Vanilla Pastry Studio?  It doesn’t get better than this, folks.  I think I hear a choir of angels singing…

First dance.

Love these next two.

Shawn’s friend sang a beautiful, beautiful rendition of “Songbird” by Eva Cassidy while they danced.  It was so touching.

Shawn and Ross, your love for each other is amazing, and it was an honor to be a part of your wedding day.  I wish you all the love and happiness your heart can hold!

Hugs, Sandy


Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Mansion at Maple Heights

Ceremony Officiant: Reverend Dina McGee

Florist: Design Space

Catering: La Creme

Bakery: Vanilla Pastry Studio

Entertainment: DJ Zombo 330-806-7813

Amanda - Ooo! Favorite shot is the groom checking his tie in the mirror! What a cool venue! I get to shoot there in April :-)

Jordan - love the macro shot of the rings. Love the lighting too!

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Thera & Brian | Awesome Vintage Travel-Theme Wedding!

Folks, when I first met Thera and Brian, I was so excited to photograph their wedding.  A nicer couple there could not be!  And then I found out that Thera was going to have a vintage travel theme to her wedding, I was over the moon.  I mean, they even brought props along for the photo shoot after the ceremony – props!  They brought a cute little vintage suitcase and a vintage camera – how cool is that??  It’s amazing how two small items can change the whole look of your photos.  It’s all in the details.  So, in the immortal words sung by Julie Andrews, let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.

We began the day at Thera’s family home in Sarver, PA.

Thera and Brian held their ceremony at St. Joseph Church in Cabot, PA.

St Joseph Church Cabot, PA

Look at these cuties!

Thera and Brian’s reception was held at the lovely Longue Vue Club in Verona, PA.

Oakmont Bakery wedding cake

Image by Jenny.

Longue Vue Club Wedding

Awesome detail – Thera and Brian made their guests’ table cards look like post cards, complete with a personal note to each guest.

Travel is not just a wedding theme for Thera and Brian; it is a passion they both share.  I love how each table number was given a destination that they had been to, and had a little story to go with it.

What a cute idea for a card receptacle!

Image by Jenny.

First dance.

Longue Vue Club Wedding

Thera’s father gave a speech that brought people to both tears and laughter.

Longue Vue Club Wedding
Longue Vue Club Wedding

While I took this image, Jenny took the next one after it…

Longue Vue Club Wedding
Longue Vue Club Wedding

The City Heat band did a fabulous job of getting everyone dancing.

City Heat Band Pittsburgh

Is that an ice cream sundae bar at this wedding?  Why yes, yes it is.  Sweeet.  Image on the left by Jenny.

Photo Booth Pittsburgh

Photo booth? Yeah baby, yeah!

Thera and Brian, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day – we had a blast!


Sandy :o)


Ceremony:St. Joseph Church

Reception Venue: Longue Vue Club

Florist: Allison McGeary Floral and Event Design

Cake: Oakmont Bakery

Videographer: Videosaic (side note: do you know what you don’t see a lot of in my pictures?  Bob Steranko from Videosaic.  That’s because he is a joy to work with! )

Photo Booth: Pittsburgh Photo Booth

Emily Cook - LOVE these Sandy! The scenery is gorgeous! I’m pretty much in love with the one framed by the archway! Awesome!

Sandy - Thanks, Emily!

Jenny - I love it all! It was a great day.

Suzanne - Wow Wow Wow! Beautiful work Sandy. What a gorgeous wedding. Love the details!

Amanda - What an awesome wedding!! OK favorites favorites – there’s a list! The ceremony kiss definitely, the patented Sandy yetter almost kiss, the shot from the waist down of the suitcase and camera, the magic susan stripling light in the horizontal tree shot, and anything with that stone work – yowza!

Weddings Blog – John Parker Bands » Thera and Brian ~ Old Fashioned Love! - […] band City Heat provided the soundtrack for the evening! As the photos, captured by Sandy Yetter of Red Lotus Photography, show, that music added to the atmosphere of fun and emotion…and kept the Bride and Groom and […]

Rachelle - Do you know where they had their postcard-like table cards made? I love those! I’d like to order some.

Sandy - Hi Rachelle!

I wrote to Thera and asked her about the postcards, and here is her response:

“We made those post cards ourselves actually. My sister is a big stamper and she had all the ‘post card’ associated stamps in her stash already. My sister’s blog is:
Your reader is absolutely free to send her a message on there to inquire about those stamps if she chooses! My sister would be thrilled to help her find what she’s looking for if she is interested in doing something similar (Meanwhile, i was MORE than happy to turn that part over to my sister, so I remain blissfully ignorant of those postcards) :) One other thing you may want to share with the reader though that was an essential part of the postcard was the colors of the ‘stamps’ which indicated the dishes that people had ordered. That was the best way we could think of alerting the waitstaff to what people had ordered while keeping with the theme. I had some SMART people on my team!!

Please let me know if your reader has any other questions about those postcards!! The personalized touch was a big hit with the guests – they all felt special, which is exactly what I wanted :)”

Hope this helps!!


Tia - Hello! Love the cute! I was wondering where they purchased the vintage suitcase? Thanks :)

Sandy - Hi Tia! I think it was given to them by a family member. But, if you check out your local antique shops, or even on etsy, I bet you could find something similar!

Chris - These photos are absolutely beautiful!

Nathalie - Hi, I love your photos and all of your ideas are fantastic!! Thank you for sharing! I am having a Travel-theme Bat Mitzvah and will use some of your great ideas like the story frame on the table and the postcards, as well as taking a photo with a suitcase idea. Thank you so much!

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I’ve Been Profiled | Interview with the Steel City Bride Blog

There’s a new girl in town named Bea, and she has started a blog of wedding inspiration just for Pittsburgh brides: Steel City Bride!  Bea contacted me for permission to use some of my photos on her blog, and asked me to answer a few interview questions to help brides with their planning.  To read the full interview and pick up some great bridal tips, you can check it out here.  Then check out the rest of the blog entries to see some pictures from me and some other great Pittsburgh photographers!  And because every post should have pictures, here is a blast from the past for you:

I took this photo of Shannon and Nick in 2008 when I was just a newbie in the industry; they just celebrated their two year anniversary this October.  They were the coolest couple ever!  I am sooo excited, because soon I will be photographing their first baby!! Eeee!

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Just a short post today, dear Reader.  Sadness has filled the Yetter household; my husband’s dear Grandmother passed away this weekend.  Grandma Lillian, “Great Grandma” to my daughter, was the matriarch of my husband’s family and the glue that held everyone firmly together.  Widowed at a young age, Lillian was a strong woman who single-handedly raised five small children on her own through sheer will power and hard work.

I never found out exactly how old she was – that was a forbidden topic!  I loved how she would respond every time my husband asked her how she was feeling. “Terrible, just terrible!” she would say with a scowl…but she always had a twinkle in her eye.  When I first met Eric’s family, I was amazed how at every family function, if she wanted a drink, aunt Theresa would pull out a special bottle of water from her purse.  “Grandma has to have her holy water,” everyone would say to each other.  I could not understand why anyone would need to drink holy water!  I chalked it up to another one of those mysterious family superstitions they had, like “Don’t hand a knife to someone to cut the cake or you will end up having an argument later.  Lay it on the table for them to pick up.”  Finally I asked my husband why Grandma had to drink holy water.  Turns out, it was just another family joke; Grandma’s water was just boiled water that she drank to aid her frequently upset stomach!

I loved the special relationship my husband had with his grandma.  Of all the family members, he was the one who razzed her the most…and she loved it.  For every one of her birthdays, Eric would give her some crazy gift or card, just to see the reaction on her face when she opened it.  She fell for it every time!  One time, he gave her a gift bag which included various useless items: a can of baked beans, some pogs (remember those?), some loose rubber bands, and a few random things from around the house.  As this venerable old woman finished opening all of her other respectable gifts from the rest of the family, the look on her face was priceless when she opened Eric’s gift.  “What the hell is this?” she said, first with an incredulous look on her face…then breaking into laughter.  That was the way things were between Eric and his grandma.  He pushed the envelope with her beyond what everyone thought was appropriate, and she wouldn’t have him any other way.

She was a great lady who had a wonderful sense of humor and a real zest for life.  She will be sorely missed.

Amanda - I’m so sorry to hear your sad news. Grandmas like that are one in a million. We wish they could be with us forever, but the best we can do sometimes is keep repeating and sharing all of their stories with the grandkids and the great grandkids and someday their children too. I believe people’s spirits live on in the memories and laughter of those who loved them :-) Very sorry for your loss.

Sandy - Thanks, Amanda. I’m so glad I took all those pictures, too.

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Ashley and Scott

I had so much fun with Ashley, Scott, and their awesome bridal party!  We began the day at the Hampton Inn on Smallman Street, across from the Heinz History Center where their reception was being held.

Ashley and Scott had the distinction of riding in the only Rolls Royce limo in the state.  Nice!

Ashley, Scott, and I think at least half of the bridal party are graduates of Duquesne University, so naturally we had to stop there for photos!

Can I say that I just love, love, love the fact that Ashley and her bridesmaids actually suggested this pose?  I’ve always wanted to do this, and now I can check it off my list!  On a side note, I really like the color that Ashley chose for her bridesmaid dresses – such a pretty shade of blue, and not a color I’ve seen in a while.

Normally I am a stickler for sharpness in all my photos…but this one is what I would call “perfectly imperfect”.  I almost tossed it, but something kept drawing me back to it.  There’s a little bit of motion blur going on…and I like it.  I like the feel it gives to the image.  What do you think?

So romantic.

I’ve shot a wedding at the Heinz History Center before, but on the first floor.  The room on the second floor has a whole different look and feel.  The giant wall of windows and access to the terrace is awesome.

Ashley and Scott had a photo booth by Red Eye Photo Booths.  The props were so funny!

First dance.

Kelly and I had to have our turn in the photo booth of course!

Ashley and Scott, I had the best time with you guys!  Thanks so much, and congratulations to you both!!




Ceremony: St. Mary of the Mount

Reception: Heinz History Center

Florist: Gida’s Flowers

Cake: Colaizzi Brothers

Catering: Common Plea Catering

Entertainment:  DJ Chuck Webb

Cocktail Hour Music: Guitarist Rich Barry

Amanda - Ah! I’m so jealous you got such a fun adventurous group! The fountain is sweet! My favorites are the black and white from Mt. Wash – that sky is killer! And the drapey green tree branches – love the crop on that one. Aren’t the RedEyebooths so cool? We had one at a wedding 3 weeks ago and Anna and I went through the booth twice, I’ll have to post them!

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Katie and Robert

Katie and Robert held their wedding ceremony at the Elfinwild Presbyterian Church in Glenshaw, followed by a reception at the beautiful Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Such beautiful bead work on this dress.

I think it’s so sweet when couples send each other a special note before the wedding.

Katie’s dog was so cute!  You should have seen how she reacted when I made meowing sounds to get her to look at the camera – clearly cats are not allowed around Katie’s home!


Image by Kelly.

The Fox Chapel Golf Club really is a lovely venue for a wedding reception.  I love the atrium in the center of the building – look at those trees growing up to the ceiling.

I loved Katie’s idea to have a family and friends tree instead of a traditional guest book!  I have to give a shout out to Jodi Colella of Accents Unlimited, who did an awesome job of coordinating the wedding and helping Katie plan all the gorgeous details.  Jodi was not only the coordinator, but she was also the DJ!

These luminaries look simple to make and add a nice touch to the mantle-a pretty way to add more sparkle and warmth to your ambient light. You can never have too much sparkle!

Candy buffet?? Woohoo!  Another great detail set up by Jodi.

You gotta love a bridal party that waves the Terrible Towel during the grand entrance.

Jodi put together a touching slide show of Katie and Robert’s photos for the guests to enjoy.

Katie and Robert, I had such a nice time with you both.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!  Hugs, Sandy


Ceremony:  Elfinwild Presbyterian Church

Reception: Fox Chapel Golf Club

Entertainment: Accents Unlimited

Event Coordinator: Accents Unlimited

Andrea Sins - Sandy,

The pictures of my son & daughter in law’s wedding are beautiful. Can’t wait to see them all. Thank you for sharing.


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B E   I N   T H E   K N O W !