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Finally!  Things have been quite busy in Red Lotusville, and I am slowly catching up.  You might have waited even longer for this post, had not a good friend shamed me into just posting already!  Oh Reader, I confess that I have been a bad blogger, and I vow to change my slow-blogging ways!  Lest I make promises that I can’t keep, I will start small by making it my goal to post once a week.  Baby steps!

I have been dying to post Molly and J’s commitment ceremony pictures, not only because there were so many amazing details, and not only because Molly and J are such an awesome couple, but also because I had the fortune to have the fabulous Amanda Wilson (the aforementioned good friend) as my second shooter!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to have Amanda with me all day; the details she captured were just fantastic.

Molly and J celebrated their commitment to each other in a beautiful wooded setting just behind the Barn at Fallingwater, followed by a reception in the Barn.  Truly, I can’t imagine a more idyllic setting; surrounded by tall trees, leaves rustling in the breeze, and sunlight filtering down to create the perfect soft lighting.

Molly’s dress was so elegant, and the perfect shade of blue.





Molly and J opted to see each other before the ceremony for pictures (sometimes referred to as a ‘First Look’), which I love!  It’s nice to be able to get some alone time with couples before the ceremony, and it takes some of the stress off of trying to squeeze in everything before the reception.

Molly is workin’ it here – muy caliente!


Can I just say that the camera loves these two?


They began by making their entrance to the sound imagery of music and poetry performed by their friends; they each walked down opposite sides of the clearing to meet their parents, and then both families convened in the front to greet each other with warm smiles and hugs.  Then several of their friends gave touching testimonials of love that made everyone laugh, and sometimes well up with tears.  I admit that I got a little misty more than once.







Such passion and love for each other that Molly and J expressed in their vows…just beautiful.


We were able to take a few photos at Fallingwater before the reception.


Do you remember how in a previous post I said that I loved peeling paint, old wood, rusting metal and such?  Well, the only thing I love more than those things is a field of tall grass.  Any time I am out and about, I keep my eyes peeled for possible photo locations, and my heart skips a beat when I find a hidden patch of tall grass.



Amanda gave me the idea for this one–thanks Chickie!  Molly and J actually used this picture in the design of their thank you cards; I photoshopped the words ‘thank you’ on their knuckles to look like tatoos.


First dance.


Just when everyone thought it couldn’t get any more fabulous, Molly and J  broke out into a surprise dance that they choreographed to Michael Jackson’s song Billy Jean.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!!  I could only dream to move with such skill and grace.






Molly and J, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day.  It’s something that I will never forget!  I wish you both many years of happiness together!

Amanda - OMG. This wedding was SO GREAT! I am drooling with jealousy over the shot in the grass with the soft edges. And I love the glowing wine bottles and the pearls on the drink list and the twisted string of lights. How did you ever edit all of those shots?? There had to have been so many!
I had a Fantabulous time with you guys and I can’t wait till we get the chance to shoot together again.

Sandy Yetter is a rockstar !

We should wear capes and hire out as a dynamic duo.

MollyBain - These so beautifully represent our evening of festivities! Thank you, thank you! We had such a wonderful time working with you and your two fierce assistants who packed cameras and lights galore. We love how you capture the space, the green and warm and hazy environment, our community of friends and family, and all the love! Dear Goddess, how I adore the Sandy-Montage!! Thank you again; and thank you, Amanda, for your contributions–they’re great!

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