Senior Pictures Questions Answered

What is the average cost for senior pictures?

Senior Portrait Photography mini-sessions can run anywhere from $150-$450. This rate usually depends on many factors, such as the number of locations (studio or location), changes of clothes, and reprint package that you chose. Full, exclusive sessions could run up to $5,000. Travel, on-location sessions will be over $10,000 plus expenses. Please contact us today to learn all possible options and to receive a customized quote.

What are senior pictures for?

Senior Portraits are probably the most unique yearbook photos taken. Generally, throughout the United States, seniors are given a particular appointment with a special photographer who will be in charge of senior portraits only at that time.

What should I bring to my senior portrait session?

1. Dress to impress – These images could last a lifetime.
2. Don’t forget about your shoes and accessories.
3. Neutrals are classic – You are going to be looking at these photos for decades. Neutrals work great no matter the room color of that dream home you hope to purchase someday!
4. Be Comfortable.
5. Avoid stripes and busy patterns if possible – A very busy or colorful pattern can draw the eye in a photo. Taking focus away from the most important part of the picture – YOU!

When should you schedule senior pictures?

Once school starts there is usually no time to schedule senior portraits (this includes athletes/cheerleaders/theater/marching band/etc). June, July and August are great months for Senior Portraits. While the afternoons can be quite hot at this time, indoor studio options in controlled climate conditions and outdoor evening backgrounds and landscapes are full of summer colors and beautiful settings.

Is a senior picture important?

You’re a high school senior and will graduate in a few short months. Your parents want to take you to a professional photographer studio to take your senior portrait. For most people, it may represent the first and last time they have a pro portrait taken. Capitalize on this opportunity as you may not have another chance.

What sizes are senior pictures?

Wallet size photos are perfect for senior pictures, graduation announcements, invitations and cards, and are fantastic for passing out to your friends. Our wallet photos are full size 2½”x3½” prints with rounded corners, printed on premium photo paper. These can be carried or virtually loaded onto your favorite smart phone/tablet/device or your computer (we are PC/Mac friendly)

What should you wear for senior pictures?

The following three suggestions may help you to decide on what to wear for your senior portraits:
1. Avoid red colors and any of the neon color spectrum (highlighter colors) if you are using a natural/forest/garden setting.
2. Stick with clothes that you already own, and love. Comfort and Confidence is most important!
3. Wear your glasses (at least in one set of photos). With how technology is progressing, this representations could become very vintage chic in the future!

How do I prepare for senior pictures?

1. Begin preparations early (most prefer to start the week before your senior session)
2. Drink lots of water all week long. Hydration is critical for that beautiful skin!
3. Apply chap stick/lip balm/moisturizer all week long.
4. Get lots of sleep all week long, and especially the night before your session. Well rested always shows up in senior portraits!
5. Iron clothing – placing each outfit on a hanger (professional if possible). Take care to avoid any potential garment imperfections due to the draping of said garments on the hanger. Consider professional dry cleaning when appropriate.
6. Ladies, please wait until the night before if painting your nails or having any pedicure/manicure work completed.
7. Guys, please gather & clean any props that you may intend on using.

How do I take a good senior yearbook picture?

1. Confidence…Confidence…Confidence – did I mention Confidence?
These additional tips are bound to leave you with a yearbook photo you might just actually love:
2. Practice with selfies. If vanity is not your thing, tell yourself this is a one-time thing. I get it.
3. Get squinching. Google it!
4. Brush your teeth an hour before. Consider a dental whitening if you think you may have enjoyed one too many Starbucks this year. Some of this can be corrected in post, ask your Red Lotus Senior Pictures Photographer for more details.
5. Don’t pick your pimples – sway your inner Dr. Pimple Popper into seeing a professional.
6. Glance up to the camera.
7. Pick a shirt/blouse/dress you love
8. Get some sleep.
9. Look like you. As YOU are the most important – Celebrate the day!

Where can you take senior pictures?

Here are 10 places you should consider having your senior portraits done in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area:
1. Indoors at the climate controlled Red Lotus Senior Pictures Studio.
2. In your backyard oasis. If weather permits and our Red Lotus Senior Pictures Photographer shares your vision.
3. In your car or if you would like one of our exclusive Fantasy Ride Sessions* (includes pictures of you in/out of a dream car)
4. Phipps Conservatory & Panther Hollow Overpass.
5. Southside Works & Hot Metal Bridge.
6. Strip District.
7. CMU Columns & Cathedral of Learning.
8. Station Square & Duquesne Incline.
9. Hartwood Acres Mansion.
10. And, of course, Mt Washington.

Truth is, endless possibilities exist – similar to your graduation :)
Ask about our new for 2019 – Friends Share Mega Senior Photo Sessions*

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