Photography Questions Answered

What is photography?

Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

When was photography discovered?

1826 – The First Photograph, or more specifically, the earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera, was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827. The image depicts the view from an upstairs window at Niépce’s estate, Le Gras, in the Burgundy region of France.

Who discovered photography?

Nicéphore Niépce

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography means taking photos for commercial use (for business, sales, and money). Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising.

What are the basics of photography?

Basic photography concepts: aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, exposure. Photography is all about light. To let the camera “see” what you wish, you have tools controlling how much light reaches the camera sensor: the aperture and shutter speed controls.

What does photography mean in Greek?


What does photography mean in Latin?


What is photography used for?

A large variety of photographic techniques and media are used in the process of capturing images for photography. These include the camera; stereoscopy; dualphotography; full-spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared media; light field photography; and other imaging techniques.

What does subject matter mean in photography?

The subject matter of a photograph is the primary object being photographed for a project or the primary subject of interest on which a photographer focuses. The subject matter sets a tone for images, and all aspects of the photograph should define and accentuate the subject matter for the best photographic effect.

What is form in photography?

When it comes to form in photography, there are many elements of design to consider, which include shape, line, pattern and texture. Lines define the subject and determine its shape. Volume, from front to back, top to bottom and side to side, along with complimenting light is what makes a photo three-dimensional.

How to pronounce bokeh photography?

Some pronounce it as “bouquet,” some as “boo-key,” sometimes it’s “bok-uh” and so on. But I’d say a native Japanese speaker and a Product Management Director of Canon is a pretty reliable person to tell you the right pronunciation. And it’s “boh-keh,” or /boke/ if you prefer phonetic transcription.

What types of photography are there?

Fashion Photography
Portrait Photography
Street Photography
Wedding Photography
Travel Photography
Landscape Photography
Wildlife Photography
Event Photography
Food Photography
Architectural Photography
Documentary Photography
Sports Photography
Aerial Photography
Still Life Photography
Macro Photography
Fine-art Photography
Infrared Photography
Night Photography
Abstract Photography
Underwater Photography
Candid Photography
Monochrome Photography
War Photography
Time-lapse Photography
Commercial Photography

How to photography tips?

1. Avoid Camera Shake.
2. Use the Rule of Thirds.
3. Use a Polarizing Filter.
4. Create a Sense of Depth.
5. Learn to use the Exposure Triangle.
6. Use Simple Backgrounds.
7. Don’t Use Flash Indoors.

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