Monica & John | Pittsburgh Wedding

Monica and John were married at St. Anne’s Church in Castle Shannon, just a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live.  Their reception was held at Salvatore’s, which is a stone’s throw from St. Anne’s!  Monica and John were referred by a lovely couple whose pets I photographed for Christmas last year.


John looking cool and confident  just minutes before the ceremony.


These three boys were so sweet and cooperative through all the pictures–thanks guys!  Don’t they look handsome in their suits?


I love the look on little man’s face here; being a ringbearer is serious business.   Of course, you have to make a little time for play, right? :)  Notice the green koosh ball laying innocently on the table, and then in the second picture he’s been busted by grandpa.










Oh, that father-daughter dance…gets me every time.


So sweet.  What that must be like for your little boy to be all grown up and taller than you in the blink of an eye.  I love the way he is holding his mom with such emotion.



A romantic kiss goodnight.


Monica and John, it was an absolute pleasure working with you both!  Many happy years to you!

amanda - Love love love the new logo bar – perfect! Might steal it ;-) The ring shot is classic elegance and I love the one of the three kids. Sandy Yetter pulls off yet another chic, warm, deliciously detailed wedding :-D

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