Merry Christmas!

It’s technically about a half hour past Christmas, but I say that until you actually go to sleep, it’s still Christmas. :)   The upper left photo is my daughter with her two favorite Christmas characters, Heat Miser and Snow Miser.  She was so thrilled when she opened these two presents; she has been requesting to see “The Year Without a Santa Claus” non-stop for weeks.  The bottom right photo is her looking in the mirror of the “Under the Sea” musical jewelry box I gave her; every girl needs a special place to stash her secret treasures.

Christmas was a blast this year; four is such a fun age, full of imagination and whimsy.  On Christmas Eve I watched as little miss Sassette, as I like to call her, spent a good hour diligently wrapping little gifts for each of her favorite stuffed animals, then place the gifts  and their recipients under the tree to wait for Santa Claus.  What a sight to see that tree was, with Oscar the octopus, Nemo the clownfish, and Frownie waiting patiently for Father Christmas to come.  When she woke this morning, the first thing she did before opening any of her own gifts was to help the dog and each of her stuffed friends open their gifts.  So cute!

It’s times like these that I feel so incredibly blessed that it takes my breath away.  Merry Christmas, dear Reader!  May you be blessed with the joy of of being surrounded by your loved ones this holiday, and many moments that take your breath away.


Amanda - Your bokeh is aaaa-maaaze-iiing ;-)

I love the mirror photo! She is growing up so fast. Someday – some photographer will take her picture staring into a mirror as she gets ready on her wedding day with you there beside her. It’s so precious, it all starts with a little girl.

Anna - Oh my word she is so precious! and where did you get the heat miser and snow miser figures! they are my favorite as well. I love the photo of her looking in the mirror the colors are wonderful.

A - DUDE IS IT SNOWING ON YOUR BLOG????? How did you do that??

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