Child Photographer Mt. Lebanon | Little Man W

I haven’t forgotten you, dear Reader, even though you have been hearing crickets chirp due to lack of activity here!  I have been editing photos like a fiend – I’m waiting for my computer to implode on itself, seriously.  Anywho, here’s a gem of a session that I did when the weather was just a tad warmer. :)

I just love seeing my clients’ families grow over the years!  I’ve been working with Little Man’s parents since their maternity session, and I can’t believe how he is growing up!

I just love this time of curiosity and discovery in a child’s life.  Everything is so interesting!

We were getting a little sleepy, but after a quick rest we were recharged and ready to go.  I think it is sooo cute when little ones do things like hold on to their mommy’s hair when they are tired.

Jenny - Love the first picture where he is sitting on the horse, and the one where he is smelling the flower. Great vibrant colors.

Aaron - Great photos (as always)! I LOVE the black & white shots!

Amanda - I love these! Not sure which is my favorite – maybe the black and whites in the street. :-)

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