My Birthday Girl

Well, I did it, dear Reader.  I made it through the whole day without breaking into tears.  Another year has passed so quickly, and my little one is growing up.  I sometimes find myself looking wistfully at little babies, wishing I could go back and hold her like that again, just for a day…and at the same time, I find myself looking forward to what adventures the future will bring.  She only gets more fun as she grows, and I love experiencing the world anew through her eyes, sharing in her boundless enthusiasm.  I think I’m just going to enjoy living in the present, savoring every moment.

Happy birthday, baby girl.  Every time I look at your sweet face, I feel like I won the lottery!

Amanda - I especially love her serious faces :-)

Sandy - Haha, I couldn’t resist throwing that one in there!

anna - so umm…if I bring a tutu looking skirt can I do a shoot like this too? ;D

btw shes ADORABLE

Sandy - Lol, sure–I’m an equal opportunity photographer. Bring your tutu! :)

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