Baby Photography | Introducing Baby Declan

When a friend has a baby, it makes a newborn session all the more special for me.  I am so happy for my dear friend Mollie, who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  We go way back, from when I worked as the Activity Director at a nursing home.  Mollie, who was one of my assistants, was someone that I could always count on, rain or shine; words can not describe how grateful I am for all the times that Mollie pulled through for me when I needed her, always going the extra mile, always someone I could place my complete trust in.  A friend like that is truly priceless.

I love this first image, and I have my Dad to thank for the awesome tree stump prop.  He actually hollowed out the inside with a chainsaw to make it easier to move around, plus he made another one for me that has bark.  Thanks, Dad!!

Look how precious, smiling in his sleep.  I wonder what he’s dreaming about.


My photog friend Aaron Varga was there to help out, and I must say, I was impressed with his ability to jump right in and learn how to calm the baby. Thanks, Aaron!


Mollie, congratulations on your little one.  I am so happy for you – he is going to be the joy of your life!  XOXO  Sandy

Aaron - Woah, who is that helpful and incredibly talented assistant you have there!? :)

These photos are just beautiful. I love that you captured the split second where Declan smiled, and I really like the two of mom & baby; such great emotion.

Sandy - Lol, he’s awesome, isn’t he? And he really IS helpful and incredibly talented! :)

Amanda - Ooo tree stump ! I can just picture you and Eric rolling those into the car and strong-arming them back to the studio ! Made of a great photo – Props to Aaron for being the baby whisperer!

Jenny - Sandy, these photos are so beautiful. Love the first one.

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