Childrens Photography Butler PA | The House at Pooh Corner

With a few good friends
And a stick or two
A house is built at a corner called Pooh…

I’ve had this idea for a photo shoot in my mind for a while, and I finally had a chance to bring it to life this week at my parents’ property in Butler.  My daughter and her two cousins are the best of friends, like three peas in a pod.  I really wanted to capture the sweetness and whimsy of their childhood in these images.  My Dad helped me put together the little tent, and my Mom lent me a couple of her amazing handmade quilts to complete the set.  The clothing I chose for the kids  had a slight vintage look to them, which I just l-o-v-e.  Fyi, when planning a photo session for your children, clothing can really make or break a session, so I am always happy to help clients choose clothes for the shoot.

I am just over the moon about these images!

After story time at Pooh Corner, we picked some apples from the trees my Dad planted when I was a kid.

So cute how you can see the tops of the little ones’ heads as they watch their cousin bring the branches down for them.

I just love this little girl to pieces.





Jenny - This is amazing Sandy. So many absolutely stunning photos! Wow.

Sharon Haas - Loved these pictures Sandy. You copied the true childs spirit in these. May they always be best of buddies. So very special.

Katia - Sandy…this is one of the MOST beautiful things I’ve ever seen..OMG I cannot wait for my daughter to stay still for more than a split second so I can do this with her…she LOVES Winnie Poo Poo (how she calls it)…such a touching, personal and beautiful work!Thank you for sharing with us.

Aaron - I thought I had commented on this post already, but alas it doesn’t look like I did. Anywho…what a beautiful post!! Such a great idea, cool location, wonderful styling, beautiful light, and adorable kids. You’re right, clothing has such a big impact on the overall feel of a session and you chose well. Awesome!

Katrina - Your work is absolutely beautiful! How I wish you were in my area but sadly I’m in Georgia. Still absolutely fantastic photos!

Sandy - Katrina, thanks so much–I wish you were in my area, too! Well, if you’re ever in Pittsburgh, give me a ring! :)

Linda - I just came across this photo session and LOVE the cute props that you used for the tent photos. Love it.

Sandy - Thanks, Linda! :)

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