TLC Tuesdays – #4 | The Off Camera Lighting Difference

So, this whole TLC Tuesday thing started as a way for me to show readers the special attention I give to images in post-processing.  But today I decided to do something different.  You see, giving an image TLC at the moment of capture is just as  important as it is in post-processing.  Today’s example is about how I light my wedding formals in a dark church after the ceremony.  Many photographers use only the flash on their camera, which works just fine.  Through my own comparisons I find that I prefer to supplement my on-camera flash with an off-camera flash (or OCF as I will hereafter call it).  The OCF is triggered by a remote attached to my camera; it sits atop a light stand and shoots into a translucent umbrella, which diffuses the light for a more flattering look.  Does it really make that much of a difference?  See for yourself:

What do you think?

Jenny - It definitely makes a difference. Beautiful.

Katia - Sandy!you are so right!I love the after images much more!

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