Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

Another year has passed, and my sweet little baby has turned 7.  She is growing up so fast right before my eyes.  Birthdays are always so bittersweet for me!

Earlier this year, on no particular day, I decided to take pictures Just Because.  The weather was good, the light was great, and I just so happened to have an adorable Matilda Jane dress and some props around the house.  I think they capture her 6 year old-almost 7 year old personality, which is full of whimsy and imagination.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  XOXOXO

Amanda - And she’s got her trusty octopus with her :D. Happy birthday !! I hope we get to go fishing again this year!

Katia - Beautiful girl! Sandy, gorgeous pictures.

Gina Wade - These are GREAT! Just Because pictures are the BEST!

Sandy - Thanks, girls! :)

Aaron - Beautiful photos!! Great location, fun props, and an adorable little girl. Awesome!

Taryn Boyd - Amazing again Sandy!!!! She is such a cutie!!!!

Sandy - Thanks! :)

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