Pittsburgh Baby Photography | Little Miss Sadie

May I present to you, dear Reader, a vision of pure, unadulterated cuteness?  Meet little Miss Sadie…

Don’t you just love this mini four-poster bed and gauzy canopy?  My sweet Dad actually made the bed for me, and my Mom saw the canopy and bought it for me.  Thanks Mom and Dad! XOXO

I am pretty sure Sadie almost broke the cuteness meter!  Congratulations, Kelly, Matt, and big sis Claire–so happy for you!  And thanks so much for all your help, Taryn!!  XOXO  Sandy

Anna - That is by far one of the most adorable sessions I have EVER seen. you got me. Im swooning :)

Taryn Boyd - these are rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katia - OMGGGG, really??? I LOVE THEM ALL!Sandy, awesome! you can feel the innocence.

Kelly - Sandy!!! These are gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Sandy - :D Thanks!

Amanda - You had me at the teeny weeny crown :-D

Aaron - Wow, this is such a unique and creative session! LOVE the birds nest :)

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