Newborn Photography Safety | TLC Tuesdays #5

It has been a while since I posted a Before and After, so I thought I would follow baby Colten’s post with a TLC Tuesday post to show you how I achieved some of the shots safely.  The photography world is abuzz about newborn safety, and with good reason.  A baby’s safety should never be risked for the sake of getting an amazing shot.  When you see a baby in a seemingly impossible pose or an unlikely position, chances are (and I certainly hope this is the case), it is a composite image.  I present to you the magic of Photoshop…

These first two shots show how the mother keeps a hand on the baby at all times; first she holds him from the left, then from the right.

And the final composite image:

Here is one more from a different session, demonstrating the popular “chin in hands” pose.

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Kristi Ternullo - Your work is absolutely beautiful. The safety and care that you provided your littlest clients is so important. Thank you for showing these before and afters – a great learning tool!

Ashley - I loved seeing the before and after photos! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy - Thank you!!

Amanda - So cute! I love the golf one with the clubs, suitcase, and the ball :)

Sandy - Thanks, Amanda! :)

Michel Sauret - What’s the trick in getting the baby to sleep and stay asleep through the setup and shoot?


Sandy - Unfortunately, there is no trick–only lots and lots of patience! They don’t sleep through the whole shoot; they usually wake up, fuss, eat, have their diaper changed, etc. in between setups. The finished product just makes it look like they slept the whole time! :)

Morgan - What stunning work you do!! Just Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, as an up and coming photographer, your work is inspiring!

Sandy - Thank you, Morgan! :)

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