My Birthday Adventure

I’ve always dreamed of flying like a bird since I was little, dear Reader.  I imagined what it would be like, looking down on treetops, floating on the gentle breeze.  The feeling of utter freedom would be breathtaking.  Well, I am happy to say that finally had the chance to experience a taste of that freedom!  I received the best birthday gift last week from my mother-in-law, who took me on a hot air balloon ride!  It was just wonderful.  Now I can mark another big one off my bucket list!

I couldn’t believe that the humungous balloon fit into that little red bag…

You just can’t imagine how huge these balloons are until you see them in person.

I was sure that the balloon was going to catch fire when they started blowing the flame thrower.  But they what they were doing, of course!

Our pilot, Tim, was awesome.  He has been flying hot air balloons for 36 years, so we knew we were in good hands.  If you’d like to contact him and set up a ride of your own you can visit his website here.  Thanks Tim, and thank you, Shirley, for making one of my dreams come true!


Marcia - OH Sandy!!!! You lucky girl! That is on my bucket list as well… so amazing you go to do this. Wonderful!

Sandy - Marcia, it was so awesome! You have to go some day–sooner than later!

Kelly Chiodi - What a thrill. You did an amazing job capturing so many beautiful details. I particularly love the shadow and the reflection of the balloon on the ground. Terrific!

Taryn Boyd - so amazing and the pictures are outstanding!

Sandy - Thank you!! :)

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