A Sweet Valentine Offer

Meet Piper, my faithful, spunky, and always-entertaining Dachshund!  Well, we can’t be sure, but he might be a Scotteenie (that’s part Scotty, part Weenie).  Whatever he is, he’s 100% loveable!  And he has a special Valentine offer just for you.

Is your child growing up before your eyes?  Don’t wait.  Capture all those adorable nuances that you love, right now.  What about a family portrait for a meaningful Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift?  Are you expecting a baby?  Newborn sessions should take place in the first 10 days after birth, so start planning ahead for your baby’s first portrait.

If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a photo session in the coming months, now is the perfect time to book it.  Piper thinks it’s an awesome time.  And look at that face–would he steer you wrong?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Big hugs,

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