Happy Go Lucky

I want to remember this age.  This adorable, cuddly, happy go lucky age.  You’re finally learning to sit up all by yourself…

8-month old baby pictures on a neutral classic backdrop

…and I love how you scoot along on your belly to get around.  It won’t be long before you’re crawling, walking, running…

8-month old baby photos on a neutral classic backdrop
crawling baby photos

Everything is just so fascinating.  So many textures and colors to explore with your tiny fingers.  A simple piece of fuzz on the floor is far more interesting than the most colorful toy.

baby on a neutral backrop

You’re so cute, somehow you manage to even make drool look charming.

8-month old baby pictures on a neutral backdrop

I love how your fuzzy hair stands straight up.

8-month old smiling baby on a neutral backdrop by Pittsburgh photographer
Baby photography Pittsburgh

Everything goes straight into the mouth right now, of course.

simple baby photography on a neutral backdrop

I love how you get the most adorable look of concentration on your face when you’re trying to figure something out.

baby photography Pittsburgh studio

You’re growing so fast, little one–the past 8 months have flown right by.  I’m looking forward to what each new age and milestone will bring.  But for now, I’ll live in this moment, and imprint these memories on my heart.  For now…

Adorable baby photos on a neutral backdrop

…I just want to remember this age.

. . . . . .

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