You will always be my baby.

artistic baby photos of mother and child

Someday you’ll be all grown up, so let me hold you close in my arms now as much as I can.

artistic baby photos black and white
artistic baby photography

The world is a wild and wonderful place, my love.  Someday you’ll explore it…and when you need a warm and safe resting place, you’ll find it here with us, always.

father and baby poses
artistic father and baby photos black and white

. . .

. . .

A little backstory for you, this lovely couple contacted me for a newborn photo session when their baby was about 8 weeks old, and came to the studio when she was about 10 weeks old.  I mention this because I want you to know, even if your baby is past the “ideal” age for newborn photos, it is never too late to capture beautiful images and precious memories!

If you’ve been looking at websites for newborn and baby photographers, you may have noticed that just about everyone recommends that you come in for your newborn session when baby is 10 days old or younger.  This is because babies are usually sleepier, and are easier to mold into those cute little curled up positions that you see everywhere on Pinterest.  Once they get past two weeks of age, babies often stretch out a little more and like to be swaddled less, and are more alert and awake for longer periods of time.

That being said, perfectly posed babies with cute props are beautiful, but I think the images you will treasure most are intimate and emotional ones.

So, if you’re a little behind in scheduling your newborn session, call me anyway.  We may not get all those curled up poses, but I promise you, we’ll capture something beautiful.




P.S.  We did capture a few sweet pictures of just baby in a typical newborn pose.  This one seems to be the easiest to do when baby is a little older.  Of all the images in the post, which photo moved you the most?



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