As I sat at my computer earlier this afternoon editing photos, I could hear the snow plows going by just outside my window.  I wanted to keep my nose to the grindstone and finish my editing, but the allure of photographing a beautiful snow covered world beckoned me like a siren that I could not ignore.  So rarely do I get to take pictures “just for fun” these days, that I thought maybe I could indulge in a few quick minutes away from the computer.  Enjoy these photos that I captured from the comfort of my doorway, and enjoy the wonderful snow before it’s all gone!








Amanda - Love the toning on the snow shots :-) That was friday – I bet these scenes look a lot different now! We got almost 28 inches – we started measuring friday night with a ruler and lost it in the snow and had to move up to a yard stick! 1-4 are my favorites!

Paige Butcher - LOVE these snow shots. So calm and pristine. Much lovelier than the grimy city snow we have here in downtown Morgantown. Blah.

Anna - *hums* “walkin in a winter wonderlannnnd!”
these are so pretty! I wish our snow looked this white but after about two days the coal trucks and traffic destroy it (we live in a coal mining town between about 2 – 3 coal mine locations)
Also, I LOVE the tones!

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