Sarah & Rob | Couple Session in the Strip

Sarah and Rob were referred to me by my good friend Amanda Wilson, and boy am I glad she did.  Such a great couple!  We had a good time trekking all through the Strip District, which is always a cool place for photos.  Three things I love about Couple Sessions: 1) They are fun!  2) There’s time to go to all kinds of cool places without the time constraints you have on the wedding day, and 3) They are a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and get more comfortable in front of the camera.

Rob was a little unsure about this whole taking pictures thing; but by the end of the session, I think it’s safe to say he was a pro.  He even admitted that it wasn’t all that bad.  Woohoo!  I’ll take “not bad” over “this sucks” any day!

Love the look they are giving me here.

We stopped at this cool place called Leaf and Bean, which is a great hangout for cigar and coffee connoisseurs alike.  I love the sign above the entrance: “Large walk-in humidor…Leave attitude outside”.  That is awesome.

Muy caliente!

Sarah and Rob will be getting married at the end of the month.  Can’t wait!!

Amanda - I’m jealous ! Why did I have to be booked for their date! They’re so much fun!

Sarah - Such a fun day! And yes, Rob gave me a bit of a hard time about taking pictures, but he survived! And everyone loved the guest book. Can’t wait to see pics from the wedding!!!!!! PS Hi Amanda!

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