Jenna & Anthony | Oakland Couple Session

I am on a roll, dear Reader–I keep working with the nicest clients ever!  I met up with Jenna and Anthony in Oakland for their couple session, and it was so great getting to know such friendly, sincere, fun people.

If I had to describe how Jenna and Anthony were together, I would say they were like two magnets who gravitated towards each other in an easy, effortless way, even when I wasn’t taking pictures…or maybe more like two pieces of a puzzle that melded to each other perfectly.  Together they give off this happy vibe that just makes you feel happy to be around them.

Couldn’t resist making my own graffiti here. :D

Did I mention that these two were a lot of fun??

Jenna and Anthony, I had a blast with you–I’m super excited about the wedding in July!  Anthony, thanks for running to get my reflector–twice–you are such a gentleman.  –Hugs,  Sandy

Amanda - This is hard to pick a favorite! I like #3 but also all of the fun jumping ones and the black and white. And the processing on the log cabin shot. I think I like them all…

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