I’ve Been Profiled | Interview with the Steel City Bride Blog

There’s a new girl in town named Bea, and she has started a blog of wedding inspiration just for Pittsburgh brides: Steel City Bride!  Bea contacted me for permission to use some of my photos on her blog, and asked me to answer a few interview questions to help brides with their planning.  To read the full interview and pick up some great bridal tips, you can check it out here.  Then check out the rest of the blog entries to see some pictures from me and some other great Pittsburgh photographers!  And because every post should have pictures, here is a blast from the past for you:

I took this photo of Shannon and Nick in 2008 when I was just a newbie in the industry; they just celebrated their two year anniversary this October.  They were the coolest couple ever!  I am sooo excited, because soon I will be photographing their first baby!! Eeee!

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