Winter Wedding at Lingrow Farm | Judy & Josiah

I have a confession to make, dear Reader.  Please don’t send me angry emails when I tell you this.  The truth is…I love winter.  Phew–there, I said it.  Ok, so it’s really cold, and sometimes mushy outside, and it’s a pain to drive in the snow.  But I love how the world looks when it’s covered in a new blanket of snow.  I love the magical feeling I get when the snow falling from the sky makes everything look like a snow globe.  I even love the way it smells – so clean and fresh.  Autumn is still my favorite season, but winter?   She’s a very close second.

I had an opportunity to photograph a winter wedding the week before Christmas 2009 at Lingrow Farm with my good friend, Amanda Wilson.  When Amanda and I get together, we are seriously like peanut butter and jelly.  Like peas and carrots.  Like Wonder Twin powers, activate!  When you have your good friend at your side, you feel like there is nothing you can’t do.  And the bride and groom? Judy and Josiah were such a cool couple with a ton of amazing details planned for their wedding, all the way down to their very own custom designed logo.   Add it up, dear Reader:  Cool couple + gorgeous venue + amazing details + snow + my favorite super talented photographer friend shooting with me = complete and total AWESOMENESS.  So, take a trip down memory lane with me and enjoy the awesomeness that is Judy and Josiah’s winter wedding.

Judy and Josiah met in a record store in California, and music is a passion that they both share.  They had their engagement photos taken at the record store, and carried the theme through in their wedding.  I love this concert poster they designed!  These first three images are by Amanda.

Lingrow Farm has this great deck on the second floor of the barn; since it was winter they had the whole deck covered in translucent plastic and heated to a toasty warm temperature.  The lighting was just beautiful.

Image by Amanda.

I l.o.v.e. this shot by Amanda.  It’s just something about the way she cropped it that just sucks me in every time I see it.

Image by Amanda.

winter wedding snowy field

Image by Amanda.

Lingrow Farm wedding reception 1

Judy and Josiah had a friend film the whole day with a vintage 8mm video camera – how cool is that?  Image by Amanda.

Oh, Vanilla Pastry Studio, I would recognize your cupcakes anywhere.  Next two images by Amanda.

Judy and Josiah gave records to their guests as favors.  Image by Amanda.

record store theme wedding favors

Loved their wedding program.

chinese takeout container for wedding cookies

If you are looking for a way to make your wedding unique and memorable, consider having a winter wedding — or a record store theme wedding!

Happy anniversary, Judy and Josiah!


Venue:  Lingrow Farm

Florist:  Leechburg Floral

Cake:  Vanilla Pastry Studio

Entertainment: DJ Rockin’ John

Makeup: Cynthia Hines

anna - oh my gosh I had vanilla studio cupcakes for the first time several days ago. They are to DIE for.
This almost (ehem..almost ;)) makes me wish we would have had a winter wedding. Shots are just gorgeous :D

Tiffany Bender - You rocked this!!! Amazingly beautiful!!

Denver Photographers - I love that shot with the snow and the back lighting! Totally cool

Aaron - Wow, these are AWESOME!! I love the silhouette shot and the night shots. Incredible as always.

Jeannine Kennedy - Beautiful wedding – great, personal details from the bride & groom. I really love it!

Gina - These are fabulous! Great work!!

Sandy M - Just beautiful!!! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing every new gorgeous shot. You have a true gift for capturing the magic and emotion of the moment at hand. Can’t wait for you to photograph my daughter’s wedding this October. Keep up the great work!

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Jessica - I was planning a december wedding for this year(2012). I leave very near to Lingrow Farm and never knew it was there till looking thru a magazine. I had looked on their web site and was wondering if they did winter weddings as they show none on the web site. Thank you so much for showing the beautiful photos. Based on what I have seen from this page I will be making a phone call in the morning! Thank you again!

Sandy - Hi Jessica! Glad I could help. I do love winter weddings and all that snow. You are going to have a beautiful wedding–be sure to give me a call! ;)

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