Pittsburgh Newborn Pictures | Harley Baby

Just a short and sweet post tonight, dear reader…Introducing Little Man C., the cutest little thing I have ever seen on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  ‘Nuff said.  :o)

Newborn on a Harley Davidson Motorcyle


Baby on a Harley Davidson motorcyle

A note for photographers: These images were done with the help of Photoshop and the hand of a family member on the baby at all times.  Please don’t ever put a baby in danger for the sake of a cool shot!  If you want to see a before/after, leave me some blog love and let me know.  :o)

Gina - Sandy these are beautiful!!! Well done!

Amy - I love these shots. Great work Sandy!

Amanda - OHh.. I so groaned with jealousy when I saw these. They turned out FANTASTIC ! Love love love the black and white!

Tiffany Bender - beautiful!!!! You are rockin girl

Carrie - As another photographer from the Pittsburgh area I can say that this is a beautiful shot. Absolutely gorgeous!

Marissa - I would love to see the before and after. There is a local photographer where I’m from who is not using safety precautions.

Sandy - Ask and you shall receive, Marissa! See the before and after here. Thanks for your comment!

Taryn Boyd - We were talking about this the other night…LOVE!!

Alyssa - These pictures are amazing! My brother is a big Harley guy and just had a baby girl. Could I see the before editing shot? Great work!!!!

Sandy - Thanks, Alyssa! You can see the before and after in this post: http://wp.me/pOfna-HP

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