Engagement Photos Pittsburgh | Vicki & Tom

A few images from an amazing engagement photo session with Vicki and Tom, a super sweet couple who are so meant for each other.  You know how I can tell?  It’s the way they look at each other.  The way he kisses her on the forehead.  The way she touches his face.  The way they can’t help gravitating toward each other every time after I start them with a pose.  Sigh…c’est l’amour.


Grassy field with flowers at sunset?  Squee!

I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding!

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Aaron - What a gorgeous set of photos; the light is just fantastic! I just love the rim light on them and how it’s hitting the trees in the first one. And a grassy field with flowers at sunset? So awesome!

Sandy M - Sandy, the photos you took of my daughter and her fiance, Tom, are just breathtaking -it’s too bad you can’t post all of them! The close up with the weeds and the backlighting – wow! I love the ones on the bridge and the shots of them sitting on the rocks in the creek. So beautiful with the late afternoon lighting in the grassy field, too. Love the close up of them on the blanket and Vicki’s green eyes! They wanted photos in an outdoor setting and they got them. Can’t wait for the wedding – get ready!

Sandy - Thanks, Sandy!! I can’t wait for the wedding, either! :)

ashley - gorgeous!!! i stumbled across your site while searching this afternoon. is the top shot taken in the pittsburgh? where is that location? i love the way that little bridge lays across the water! you have a beautiful eye!

Sandy - Thanks, Ashley! That was taken at Mingo Creek Park. Thanks for looking!

Anna Bellew - You are a talented lady. Beautiful work.

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