The Grandest Gift

“If I am thinking correctly,” said Pooh, “a new baby is probably, undoubtedly the grandest gift that could ever be.”

What a delightful newborn session I had with this family.  There was so much love and cuddling between the siblings, my heart melted!

Snuggled beneath a warm blanket, baby slept peacefully.

My favorite “pose” for families who like something a little more casual and relaxed.

Dads never look more manly than when they are holding their newborn child.

Tiny little details are so special.

Another take on the newborn family photo. Which do you like better?

This little boy cracked me up.  “Look, I’m a baby!” he laughed as he posed himself in the basket.

Being a mother and snuggling your baby to your cheek is such a wonderful feeling.

Sweet dreams, little baby.

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Senior Pictures – Senior Picture Ideas For Guys and Girls – Senior Photo Idea – Pittsburgh, PA

Senior Pictures? Our senior picture ideas for guys and girls are second to none in the photo portrait industry!

Ah yes, senior year is finally here! Not many other times are as extremely special as preparing for high school graduation. Therefore, capturing this exciting time will likely remain with you for the rest of your life! The Red Lotus Senior Pictures Photography Studio makes the process incredibly easy. For instance, with our senior portraits packages, we likely have a perfect match available for your budget.

Our high school senior pictures packages can include several wardrobe changes and even makeup/hair options (if you so desire) which leaves you the time necessary to explore all of your senior pictures ideas!

Photo Portrait ideas for a boy include the following poses:

1. Guitar or other instruments
2. Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey/Soccer or other sports uniforms
3. Theater outfits
4. Traditional cap and gown
5. Parents/family members/friends (Mega Mini?)
6. Any other senior pics ideas you may have

Photo Portrait ideas for a girl include the following poses:

1. Your favorite instrument
2. In your homecoming dress
3. In your sports or cheerleader uniform
4. Traditional cap and gown
5. Parents/family members/friends (Mega Mini?)
6. Any other clothes or prop ideas you may have

The Red Lotus Senior Pictures Portrait Studio offers customized boutique experiences in our private studio by appointment only. This allows us to truly offer you a magically comfortable session that will fully bring out your confidence!

Upon completion of your senior portrait session, no high pressure sales tactics are ever employed. We carefully edit your images and you get to choose what you want (*based on package chosen). While not quite same day portraits, our clients are more than satisfied with our turn around times and final products! Take advantage of one of our fantastic senior photo packages today by filling out the form below.

Do you have any further questions? Please consult our Senior Pictures FAQ by clicking the highlighted link!

Red Lotus Senior Pictures Photography Studio
342 Station Street
Bridgeville, PA 15017
just minutes from Nevillewood, Downtown Pittsburgh, PA and Pittsburgh International Airport right off of I-79

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Newborn Photography Canonsburg | Hello, Baby!

What a sweet and fun family I had the pleasure of photographing for a newborn session! This little darling was the apple of everyone’s eyes, including big brother’s.

She looked so adorable in her pretty grey wrap and headband, fast asleep and snuggled in a woven basket filled with fluffy fur–a prop I keep in my studio because babies find it impossible to resist.

I love taking close up profiles of baby’s face, where you can see little eyelashes and even the peach fuzz on baby’s skin.

Who can resist tiny baby toes??

It was so sweet to see how big brother doted on his baby sister.

Look who opened her eyes for a portrait with mom!

I’m always amazed at how babies seem to know their moms and dads at such a young age. The way she is looking right into his eyes shows how connected she is to him already.

I think I love this photo the most, the way the family is gazing at their new addition with adoration.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer who takes pictures of baby plus the whole family, please contact me today to find out more about booking a session!

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Baby Pictures ~ Newborn Photography

Modeling Photos - Newborn Photogarphy - Baby Pictures

Baby pictures in your future? Our newborn photography could even be used for modeling photos if you so desire.  Baby portrait ideas from Red Lotus Photography portraits studio. Get ideas for your babies picture and choose from several baby picture packages and options! Sign up for our newsletter today and be made aware of upcoming baby modeling photoshoots. Baby photography has evolved into a fine art form and is currently producing tremendous quality newborn photos. Have a question? Use our contact form below…

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Photo Studio Near Me For Portrait Photography

Studios Near Me Based On Photography

Have you recently searched for a “photo studio near me” and found the results to be not what you expected? Well, we are glad you found us! Red Lotus offers portrait photography to those looking for studios specializing in portraits and family pics. While we are not a walk in photo studio, we believe the ease of scheduling an appointment makes for a very similar experience.

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Family Photos ~ Family Pictures

Family Photos Pictures Portraits Ideas

When was the last time you took some great family photos? Family pictures can capture moments in time that will resonate warmly with you in the years to come. Our family portrait studio is conveniently located minutes south of Pittsburgh in the cute little town of Bridgeville, PA. Subscribe to our newsletter today to receive our VIP specials. Contact us now to see the wondrous ideas we have in mind for your next set of memories!

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Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 – Pittsburgh, PA

Boy Names and Girl Names in 2019

Here are the top 10 baby names thus far for Boys and Girls of Pittsburgh in 2019!

Baby Boy Names:

1. Logan
2. Oliver
3. Elijah
4. Lucas
5. Liam
6. Noah
7. James
8. Benjamin
9. William
10. Mason

Baby Girl Names:

1. Ava
2. Amelia
3. Evelyn
4. Harper
5. Emma
6. Isabella
7. Mia
8. Olivia
9. Charlotte
10. Sophia


These lists were compiled from extensive web research conducted during the first quarter of 2019. Please share below any names you feel we may have missed or if you feel the order needs modified – Thanks!!


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Baby Portrait And Family Photo Photographers Near Me

Photgraphers Near Me - Baby Portraits - Family Photos

5 Reasons Why Professional Newborn Baby & Family Photos Are So Important? I’m going to take the title a step further, and say “5 Reasons Why Professional Newborn Photography Is So Important–And Why You Should Be In Them, Too”

#5: Having a baby is a huge milestone in your life.  Years from now when you look back on your family life, which moments will you say were the most important?  Chances are, the biggest will be the birth of your children.

#4: You can never get these moments back, but you can freeze them in time (with baby pictures) and relive them again later.  We don’t have the technology to time-travel just yet, but you can be instantly transported just by looking at your portraits.

#3: They are only this brand-new and wondrously tiny once.  And as time goes by, you really do forget how small they were.

#2: A professional newborn photographer will make both you and your baby look your best.  Many people do not like the way they look in a portrait; however, a good professional sees your beauty and can skillfully capture family photos in a way that flatters your features.  Newborn Photography that focuses on posing, lighting, and retouching…are the skills that take time and experience to learn that result in tremendously beautiful baby pictures and family photos.  A professional baby portrait and family photographer knows and uses all of these elements to make you look your best, while at the same time capturing the emotions that you want to remember, too.

#1:  Here’s the big one.  These pictures aren’t just for you.  They are for your child and family as they grow.  Of all the things you pass down to your children, one of the most precious things they receive will be these portraits.


Are you searching for Baby Portraits and/or Family Photos Photographers Near Me?

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