Welcome to the World, Little Atticus

Most of my baby photography sessions are with first-time parents and their newborn, so it’s always a treat when the baby is their second or third child, because I get to take beautiful photos of baby and siblings.  It was so sweet to see little two-year-old Ascher holding his baby brother with a big grin on his face.  This session was made possible with a little extra help from Grandma and Grandpa, a lot of time and patience, and good helping of bribes and treats stashed at the studio, lol.

I love soulful expression in Ascher’s eyes…

newborn and sibling
cute baby wearing a teddy bear hat

We were fortunate enough to capture this little smile at the very end of the session.  It was definitely worth the wait!

newborn baby smiling

Love this family portrait!

family portrait with a newborn

If you are expecting and would like to have Sandy take your maternity and newborn photos, please contact her here as early as possible.  Maternity photography sessions take place in the 7th or early in the 8th month of pregnancy.  Newborn photography sessions take place in the first 10 days after birth.


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