Newborn twin photography sessions are a special treat, because it’s twice the cuteness!  May I introduce to you Brooklyn Rose and Brynlee Ann, just 11 days old!  I also want to give a shout out to my friend Carrie of Carrie Farmerie Photography for lending me a hand with this session–you are the best, Carrie!!

Congratulations, Brian and Melissa!  I had a wonderful time with your beautiful family!!  (((Hugs)))  Sandy

mary beth - oh my goodness, so precious! beautiful work! LOVE the family shot on the bed!

Sandy - Thank you, Mary Beth!!

Stephanie - Gorgeous photos! I love the heart-shape in the blanket.. so creative!

Sandy - Thanks, Stephanie! :)

Katia - Sandy, what an amazing session. So beautifully captured, so new and fresh. You are the baby whisperer, these images are breathtaking.

Sandy - Aw, thank you, Katia! :)

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