Maternity Week – Day 4 | Glow

What a sweet family I photographed for this maternity session, dear Reader!  So much love, plus more love on the way.  I just received a comment on one of my maternity posts from Timara, the mama you see below, whose words made me get a little misty:

“…I hated the thought of getting [maternity photos] done with my first one but my mom bullied me into it. It wasn’t until I saw those pictures, that weren’t well done, that I realized the beauty of the woman’s body. This time around I went to Sandy here at Red Lotus Photography and they were so beautiful I cried when I opened them! I wasn’t even still pregnant because we waited til I only had a month left. I love them and will be returning for more.”
Aww, thanks, Timara!


Dustin is one sweet and smart cookie; he pulled me aside before the session and said he would be PROPOSING to Timara at the end of the shoot!  Squee!  I felt privileged to be a fly on the wall during this very special moment.


Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this amazing time in your lives, Timara and Dustin!  (((Hugs))) Sandy

harley - These are amazing! I know the odds of winning are not in my favor due to the fact I JUST came across this but whomever does is very lucky, you capture beautiful moments!

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