Pin-Up Boudoir~Pinup Boudoir Photography Mini Sessions

Pinup Boudoir?

Are you looking for a pinup boudoir photography studio? Our pin-up girl boudoir photos cannot be beat. Either use our pin up boudoir outfits on-site or bring in one of your own to complete the ultra sexy look!

Pin Up Boudoir

Interested in either a Pin-Up Boudoir full or mini-session? Use the form below to be the first alerted to these limited availability events:


What is a pin up shoot?

What is Red Lotus’ Pin-Up Photography, anyway? It’s a genre of photography featuring models (often called pin-up girls for women and male pin-ups for the less common male models in the genre) intended to produce images for informal display. Hence the term ‘pin up’. The photos are meant to be pinned to a wall by their significant other (or saved to your phone, digitally in today’s terms)

Pinup Boudoir

What does a boudoir photo shoot mean?

A Red Lotus Boudoir Photography session is a photography session where you wear sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses, or even go scantily clad and get your photographs taken for a number of reason but guess what, only YOU need to know the reason you have them done!

Pin-Up Boudoir Photography

What is boudoir makeup?

Red Lotus’ Boudoir Photography is all about expressing the beauty of an individual. It isn’t about being perfect, like having a supermodel’s body or being the sexiest woman alive. It is about celebrating how beautiful you are and having photos put together either for yourself or your significant other that help reminds you of that.

Pinup Boudoir Photography

Who was the original pin up girl?

Charles Dana Gibson (American, 1867–1944) created one of the earliest forms of pinup illustration, known as the Gibson Girl. She was the image of idealized beauty in the early 20th century. She was proper, self–confident, and maintained an alluring gaze to the viewer.

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