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All Because Two People Fell in Love…

Bask in some sweet baby photo goodness, dear Reader.  Doesn’t it make you all warm and cozy inside? By far one of my most requested photos is the one of baby hanging from a branch.  This image is a composite of two images; in reality I photographed little Jack suspended about an inch over a […]

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Little Brother

Big brother Sawyer now has a little brother to pal around with.  I can only imaging the adventures that he and Colton will have in the years to come!  Congratulations to this beautiful family.   If you are expecting a child and looking for a Pittsburgh baby photographer or maternity photographer, please contact Red Lotus […]

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Baby Love

Adorable babies swaddled as snug as a bug, nestled in baskets with fur…so sweet and cuddly.  Little Ella looks like an angel. Sometimes when I am posing newborns, they tend to gravitate towards certain positions; I think it’s often a position that they became accustomed to in the womb.  Some babies like to turn their […]

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Fuzzy hair, soft as a duckling.  Tiny toes and little fingers.  Contented sighs and loving gazes at the sweetest face they’ve ever seen.  These are joys of a new baby…and I have the privilege of capturing it all. If you are looking for a Pittsburgh baby photographer or maternity photographer, please contact Sandy or visit […]

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Love Makes a Family

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”   Well said, Audrey Hepburn. Sibling photos are the sweetest. —————————————————————– Capture your family’s love in beautiful, natural, and artistic photos.  If you are looking for a Pittsburgh children’s photographer or family photographer, please contact Red Lotus Photography or visit the investment page here.

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Little Things

There is such a big difference between the time when baby is a newborn and when he’s 6 months old.  You hardly notice the change day by day; just little things here and there.  And then one day baby is sitting up.  Smiling.  Grasping things, playing with toes.  A little personality begins to shine. —————————————————————————– […]

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Two Peas

There is something special about the bond between twins.  They will always have each other. :)  These two sweethearts were only 8 days old for their photo session, and they actually slept through most of the session! Big brother will always be there for them. ______________________________________ If you are looking for a twin newborn photographer […]

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A soft sigh. A smitten gaze.  A smile and a look into each other’s eyes that says, “How did we get so lucky?”  It’s so sweet to see parents in love with their new baby.

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Hello, Baby Kayden

I really like to personalize a client’s photo session whenever possible; one of the ways we can do that is by including some meaningful personal items into their photos.  Little Kayden’s daddy is an avid huntsman, so we incorporated that into Kayden’s newborn photos.  Who would ever think that antlers would make a cool newborn […]

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B E   I N   T H E   K N O W !