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There are a dozen reasons I could give you as to why I love being a photographer, dear reader; I enjoy making art from life and my view of the world…I enjoy the challenge of getting “the shot”…I love being able to freeze moments in time so that they can be enjoyed in the years to come…I love being able to make a living doing what I love.   But none of that matters.

I don’t consciously think about it all the time, but I’ve always known the importance of my job as a photographer. I’ve always known, but never more so than with the wedding of Amy and James. Their wedding day is a two-part story; part 1 takes place in the winter, and part 2 takes place in the spring.

Originally set for May 15th, I got a call a few days before Christmas that wedding plans were changed; Amy’s mom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. There was no way of knowing if she would be able to make it until May, and so, not wanting to take any chances that she might miss this important event, Amy and James held their ceremony on a beautiful, cold afternoon the day after New Year’s, surrounded by a handful of family members at the Level Green Presbyterian Church in Trafford, PA.

Amy has a wedding photo of her mom in this very same pose, which we recreated.

Such a pretty mix of colors in her bouquet.

The flower girl was such a cutie–she gave me a run for my money as she bolted down the aisle like a little rabbit.

After the ceremony there were both smiles and tears.

It was a little bit cold outside, to say the least.  We decided to save the outdoor photos for the warmer weather in May; my faithful second shooter Amy was kind enough to stand out in the freezing cold and hold the door open so that I could have some nice lighting for this portrait.  Thanks, Amy!

Amy’s mom passed away just a few weeks after the wedding.  I felt a deep sense of honor that I was able to capture these memories for their family.



Part 2:  The Reception.  A couple of hours before the reception Amy, Jim, my second shooter Kelly, and I spent some time at the University of Pittsburgh campus in Greensburg.

I’m torn; I can’t decide which version of these next three images I like better, the vintage or the original.  What do you think?  Leave me some blog love and comment below!



Original processing:



Slightly Vintage:

Original Processing:

The reception was held at Ferrante’s Lakeview in Greensburg.

Amy and James put on a slide show for their guests that included photos I took at the ceremony.

A donation was made to the American Cancer Society in honor of Amy’s mom.

What a ham!

I wish I could have heard what she said to make him laugh like this.

I was quite impressed with this guy in front, who managed to get down low and drink from his glass without spilling a drop.

And one last kiss goodnight…

Amy and Jim, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your two special days!

Jenny - oh Sandy. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. The pictures are lovely as always. The ring picture on the dogwood branch is awesome. I personally really like the vintage look. What I prefer in #2 though is that it is not at blurred out. What a great cake cutting expression.

Sandy - Thanks for the comment, Jenny. I appreciate your feedback! :)

Amanda - What bittersweet images – all the joy that her mom was with her on her wedding day even knowing it wouldn’t last forever. Such a responsibility each of us has as the documentors – people who take photos professionally or as a hobby or for fun are the family record keepers. True preservationists. Such beautiful memories you saved for them.

Love the shoe shot and the on location stuff at Pitt Greensburg! Where is that set of curved steps?

Sandy - I agree, Amanda. It is such a great responsibility that we shoulder, and we can’t underestimate the importance of preserving these memories for others. I have a lot of family photos taken by my dad when we were kids, and they are so precious to me. My Aunt Brenda always took a lot photos at family functions, and even came to my house on my wedding day to take those getting ready shots before my photographer arrived. I am so grateful for those pictures, because I could not have remembered those moments so clearly without them.

Btw, the shot on the curved steps is there–you must have missed it! :)

Beth Panza - Maybe its just me as the mother of the groom a/k/a “the ham” … but the black and white photo with Jim & Amy at the end of the pathway is wow, I can’t even find the right words to describe it. It actually took my breath away. I believe it would win any photography contest. All of your work is spectacular. I wasn’t able to make the wedding ceremony and truly felt apart of it when looking at the beautiful pictures you did.

Sandy - Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! :-D

Amy Vasquez - I love all of the photos! What a journey it has been, I’m so glad to have had you to document it in such a beautiful way. The shots at Pitt greensburg were just awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sandy - Thanks Amy!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and Jim!

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