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Spring Pictures?

In this blog post, we will discuss spring pics. Spring family pictures represents one of the most joyous times of the year for we northerners. A spring photoshoot isn’t merely another opportunity to take pictures, it is a time to celebrate the re-birth of nature’s glory. Similarly, spring mini sessions begin to pop up everywhere. These represent real opportunities to either update spring pictures for school or possibly take some special spring engagement photos. If interested, hiring a talented spring photographer can make all the difference in the world. You will find that our spring photography presents some of the freshest spring picture ideas in the Pittsburgh area!

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What should a family wear for spring pictures?

Choose 2-3 complimentary colors that YOU like. It could be yellow, blue, and cream or red, brown, and white or? Just be sure to have some layers, texture, and dimension in your pictures! If in doubt, simply choose varying shades of the same colors for your Red Lotus Family Pictures.

Spring Pictures

What should you not wear for family pictures?

White shirts can wash out some skin tones, and not every cut works on every body. So when my clients ask, “What should we wear,” I feel their pain.
What to wear?

Fitted clothes (i.e. nice pair of jeans, tailored shirt with sleeves, LAYERS)
Closed-toe shoes.
Neutral, coordinating colors or patterns like plaids, stripes, and florals.

Spring Pics

What should I wear for family photos outside in the Spring?

Navy, cream and tan is a classic color scheme for Red Lotus’ Family Photos that works well for most any season. The navy and cream pair beautifully with the pastel florals and bright greens of spring. They also look perfect among green grass and leaves at a park for summer family pictures.

Spring Family Pictures

What colors are best for family photos?

Denim with: Tan, Yellow, or Crimson
Navy with: Tan, Cream, or Crimson
Brown and Maroon.
Red, Grey, Black.
Glitter and White.

If you are across the pond in the Surrey area, please check out:
Clare Murthy Photography

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