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Photoshoot For Birthday? Red Lotus’ Photoshoots For Babies sessions are the perfect compliment to mark any of your baby’s magical moments. Baby photo shoots including the couples themselves, can be shared with best friends and family alike. Interested in a shoot featuring a milk bath? Whether Valentines Day, in the rain, or during the Fall, we have the locations near me to accomplish the task at hand. Headshot modeling sessions are also available at our indoor places (studio) or the several outdoor spots we have scouted over the years. Girls just wanna have fun!


Happy Birthday Little Miss Imogen!

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is getting to see a family grow right before my eyes.  I first met Rosalie and Chris over a year ago for maternity photos.  Since then, they have referred two couple for wedding photos; Vanessa and Matt, who were married in May, and Jessica and Danny, who will be married in August.

Rosalie and Chris, happily expecting…

photoshoot for birthday

Then this couple became a family of three when little miss Imogen was born…

photoshoots for babies

I had the pleasure of returning for her 6 month milestone…

baby photoshoots

And now, it’s hard to believe that Imogen is 1 year old!  How she has grown and changed in such a short time.  I feel honored that Rosalie and Chris have chosen me to document their family’s growth.

photo shoots for couples

best friends photo shoot

milk bath photo shoot

family photo shoots ideas

valentines day photo shoot

I’ve been trying some different processing for a new look here and there; which one do you like better?

fall photo shoot ideas
photoshoot in the rain

These photos make me chuckle. :)  We kept Imogen happy with a handful of Cheerios; here they are suspended in the natural catch-all of her poofy little tutu.

outdoor photo shoots ideas

photo shoots for modeling

photoshoot places near me

She is so engrossed in pushing the phone buttons…already at the tender age of one and she is embracing technology!

indoor photo shoots ideas

photoshoot ideas for girls

photoshoot locations near me

It took several tries to get her to keep her birthday hat on.  My favorite is the one in the lower right corner; the look on her face as she pulls off the hat is priceless.

photoshoot spots near me

Rosalie and Chris, thank you so much for once again allowing me into your lives.  I am already looking forward to the next session.  Happy birthday, Imogen!!

    What should I wear for my birthday photoshoot?

    7 clothing suggestions for your Red Lotus Birthday Portrait Photography Photoshoot include the following:

    1. Dark clothing tends to slenderize.
    2. Tone down bright colors.
    3. Light clothing can look beautifully fresh.
    4. Prints and patterns are a definite NO.
    5. Avoid short sleeve clothing and short pants.
    6. Don’t over accessorize!
    7. Make Up, Hair & Nails (included with many of our packages)

    How should I pose for my birthday?

    5 Cool Poses To Try On Your Birthday
    1. Be dramatic by dimming the bulbs and let the candles serve as the light source.
    2. Carry your cake and show it off!
    3. A classic pose every birthday girl should try: Blowing your candles.
    4. Pose with your favorite people, your BFFs!
    5. Post an unguarded moment of you and bae.

    Is it photoshoot or photo shoot?

    The most common way to describe a session of photo taking is with two words—photo shoot. However, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrong to write it as one word—photoshoot. In fact, photoshoot has recently been gaining popularity, but it has a long way to go before it catches up with photo shoot.

    Is photography safe for babies?

    A camera’s flash does not harm the baby’s eyesight in any way.

    When should you do baby photoshoot?

    Red Lotus’ Baby Photoshoot Photography team recommends the following:
    In order to capture your newborn in adorable curly poses, you should take newborn photos five to twelve days after giving birth. If you want your baby’s sleepy and curly newborn demeanor to be photographed, try not to wait any longer than two weeks for a newborn session.

    How do you prepare a baby for a photoshoot?

    Try and keep your baby awake for at least 1 – 2 hours before the session. Avoid having to unnecessarily dress or undress baby once the session starts. Props and accessories should be easy to add / take away. The room / studio where the session will take place needs to be warm enough for baby.

    How do you do a couples photoshoot?

    8 Best Couple Poses for Red Lotus’ Couples Photoshoot Portrait Photography:
    1. Hug From Behind.
    2. Gently Hold the Other Person’s Face. You can capture a tender moment by asking the couple to hold each other’s faces.
    3. Piggyback Ride.
    4. Hold Hands and Go for a Walk. This can be done at any point during your photoshoot.
    5. Lean on Each Other in Front of a Sunset.
    6. Kiss on the Forehead.
    7. Touch Noses.
    8. Kiss Hands.

    What should I wear for a couples photo shoot? What to Wear for Engagement Photos (8 suggestions):

    1. Choose Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones.
    2. Incorporate at Least One Accessory.
    3. Stick With Two Outfits.
    4. Complement Each Other, But Don’t Match.
    5. Flatter Your Body Type.
    6. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Like You.
    7. Tie Everything Together With a Color Scheme.
    8. Opt for Classic Rather Than Trendy Looks.

    Why do people do milk bath pictures?

    The milk itself creates a great deal of negative space, so the photograph is more focused on the person than the scene. Though the exact origin of milk bath photography is unknown, legend has it that Cleopatra regularly bathed in milk (donkey milk, to be exact!) to enhance her complexion.

    What kind of milk do you use for a milk bath?

    You can use various types of milk in a milk bath, including: whole milk. buttermilk. coconut milk.

    What should I wear for a family photo shoot?

    7 Family Photo Outfit Ideas For A Red Lotus Family Photo Shoot:
    1. Keep location in mind.
    2. Choose coordinating colors, not matching.
    3. Pick out accessories to add texture to your photos.
    4. Plan your outfits in advance.
    5. Use the season to help select color schemes for your outfits.
    6. Consider your home decor.
    7. Choose practical clothing items.

    What do you wear to a fall photo shoot?

    Neutrals will always work nicely, and if you decide to hang your portraits up in your home, neutrals will match most decor. Your home decoration is something to consider. But don’t be scared of color if you want a little more pizazz! Yellows, rusty orange, browns, reds, can all look fabulous for fall photo shoots.

    Can you do a photoshoot in the rain?

    Don’t be afraid to capture a portrait in the rain. The cold, wet atmosphere can make for a beautifully moody image with some very soft lighting. If you’re heading out on a photo shoot and the weather turns, don’t pack up and go home.

    Where can I take pictures in Pittsburgh?

    5 Best Places to Photograph in Pittsburgh, PA
    1. West End Overlook. When it comes to views of Pittsburgh, the West End has it all.
    2. The West End Bridge.
    3. North Shore.
    4. Mt. Washington.
    5. Allegheny Commons Park West/Lake Elizabeth. This area has one of the most underrated views of the city.

    How should a girl pose like a model?

    8 Ways to Pose in Photos Like a Model Off-Duty:
    1. Profile your face and look away from the camera.
    2. Cross one leg over the other. Style du Monde.
    3. Look back over your shoulder.
    4. Tilt your head to one side.
    5. Casually lean against a wall.
    6. Snap a shot midstep.
    7. Slightly pop one knee.
    8. Use a sidewalk curb to your advantage.

    Amanda - Sooo cute! I love the hat ones! The photo J purist in me says I like the unshopped version of the tutu shot BUT the shopped one with the cool patterned background and the tinge of teal just SCREAMS to be made into a 16×20 canvas print and hung on the wall. I think its my favorite !

    Sandy - Amanda, thank you for always answering in the comment form when I ask things like ‘which do you like better’ or ‘what do you think of…’. I appreciate the feedback!

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