Happy Go Lucky

I want to remember this age.  This adorable, cuddly, happy go lucky age.  You’re finally learning to sit up all by yourself…

8-month old baby pictures on a neutral classic backdrop

…and I love how you scoot along on your belly to get around.  It won’t be long before you’re crawling, walking, running…

8-month old baby photos on a neutral classic backdrop
crawling baby photos

Everything is just so fascinating.  So many textures and colors to explore with your tiny fingers.  A simple piece of fuzz on the floor is far more interesting than the most colorful toy.

baby on a neutral backrop

You’re so cute, somehow you manage to even make drool look charming.

8-month old baby pictures on a neutral backdrop

I love how your fuzzy hair stands straight up.

8-month old smiling baby on a neutral backdrop by Pittsburgh photographer
Baby photography Pittsburgh

Everything goes straight into the mouth right now, of course.

simple baby photography on a neutral backdrop

I love how you get the most adorable look of concentration on your face when you’re trying to figure something out.

baby photography Pittsburgh studio

You’re growing so fast, little one–the past 8 months have flown right by.  I’m looking forward to what each new age and milestone will bring.  But for now, I’ll live in this moment, and imprint these memories on my heart.  For now…

Adorable baby photos on a neutral backdrop

…I just want to remember this age.

. . . . . .

Is your baby growing up before your very eyes?  Don’t wait to capture all the little things before it all changes.  A Petite Studio session is the perfect way to document your baby’s milestones.  Contact me today to reserve your session!

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Pregnancy and the anticipation of a baby is such a special time for a couple.  I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes, like it’s almost Christmas and they can hardly wait for their big present to arrive.

Pittsburgh Steeler maternity photography Mike Logan

They’re about to embark on an amazing journey together, full of wonder, discovery, and more joy than they they ever thought possible.

Pittsburgh Steelers pregnancy photos Mike Logan
Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl maternity photos Mike Logan

Jennifer, you are positively radiant.

Pittsburgh Steelers maternity photographer Mike Logan
artistic maternity photography Pittsburgh

Daddy kissing the belly is more than just a pretty maternity pose.  He’s kissing his baby and the womb that cradles her.  It’s always a tender and emotional moment, and so very masculine.

Pittsburgh Steelers pregnancy maternity photos Mike Logan

black and white maternity photography Pittsburgh Steeler Mike Logan

Jennifer and Mike, thank you for allowing me to capture this special time for you.  I can’t wait to meet your little one!   (((Hugs))) Sandy

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Little Bitty Baby

Little bitty baby with your little baby nose, you are all sweetness, from your head to your toes.

baby feet held by hands

I love capturing all the sweet little baby details.  Newborn are so perfect and delicate.

close up of newborn details fuzzy cheek baby photography
close up newborn photography of baby ear
close up photo of baby face and hands newborn photography details
baby hair newborn photography detail

This is my favorite kind of newborn photography.  Nothing fancy needed; just a perfect, sweet baby in their natural, relaxed state on a simple neutral backdrop.  When you remove all distraction, baby’s beauty shines through.

sleeping baby on a neutral white background natural newborn pose
close up of baby face sleeping newborn photographer detail

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Love You More

Is it possible to love you any more, my sweet baby?  Impossible.  Any more and my heart would burst.


But then I see your little feet, kicking in the air…


And those squishy little lips…


and your tiny fingers curl around mine…


And you yawn and squeak and make cute little noises…


And you sleep soundly to the steady beating of my heart…


And the impossible becomes possible…and I love you even more.


. . . . .

I’m a Pittsburgh newborn photographer, and my specialty is capturing the emotions you feel for your baby, tender and pure.  If you are expecting a child and searching for beautiful baby photography, contact me today.

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The first time I met Big Sister, she was just an infant, a newborn.  So tiny and precious.  When I look at the little babies that come to my studio for their newborn photo session, I wonder what they’ll look like when they’re older.  What will their personalities be like?  And then they come back to see me, and I don’t have to wonder.  That’s one of the best things about being a family photographer.

baby and sibling photos Pittsburgh studio

Let me tell you some things about little miss E.  She’s a doting Big Sister who showers Little Sister with love and kisses.


She’s got a sweet and funny personality that is utterly charming.


And her enthusiasm is so infectious, you can’t help yourself but to smile when she is around.


Now I look at Little Sister, and wonder what she’ll be like when she is older.


And I can’t wait for the family’s next photo session, because I won’t have to wonder any more.

baby in a swaddle wrap and newborn basket prop

newborn family photography

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The way he watches her when she thinks no one is looking, like she is the most beautiful person he’s ever known.  The way she lovingly touches the nape of his neck when they’re close.  The look in their eyes when they place their hands on her belly and imagine what their son will be like.  So much love.


Thank you, Brittney and Jim, for allowing me to capture these intimate moments for you.


If you would like to document your pregnancy in a beautiful and intimate way, you will love the couple’s boudoir maternity session.  Contact me today to schedule yours.

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You have your mommy’s eyes and your daddy’s smile, but your sweet little personality is all your own.  Will you be a doctor, or an artist?  Will you be funny or serious, outgoing or shy?  Will you travel the world or put down strong roots in one place?  Only time will tell.  But for now, we’re so happy you’re our darling little dulce.



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Little Seedling

You’re growing so fast, little one.  When we first brought you home from the hospital, you were so tiny, so helpless.  But look at you now–sitting up, and even standing!  Your personality is starting to blossom; you smile all the time now, and you love to explore the world around you.  I can hardly wait to see the places you’ll go.

You are obsessed with your toes right now…


And everything is new and fascinating.



Peekaboo is one of your favorite games…


You make everyone around you so happy.


What did we do with ourselves before you came along?  You’ve made us so complete.



Did you know that I offer Petite Studio Sessions once a month, perfect for babies 6-9 months old?  Capture all the little things as your baby grows–contact me today to schedule your session.

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Beautiful Boy

I’ve had the song “Beautiful Boy” in my head all day, and I can think of no better title for this post.  This couple is blessed with not one, but two beautiful boys.  I can only imagine the fun and trouble that these two will get into together when little L is old enough.


This photo makes me smile, because it’s so adorably typical of photos with newborns and a toddler sibling.  Big brother P allowed us to place little brother on his chest, but would not hold him with his hands, lol.  Still so cute, and I love it because that’s who he is right now.


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