Maternity Week – Day 1 | A Pea in the Pod

It’s a new year, dear Reader!  And that means new resolutions, right?  My business New Year’s resolution is to catch up with my blogging, with which I am woefully behind.  So many beautiful maternity, newborn, baby, and children’s photography sessions to share with you!  Rather than do everything chronologically, I thought I would break things up by category.  Therefore, I deem today the beginning of “Maternity Week”!

I hope you’ll come back every day and leave some blog love (i.e. comments!!!), and follow me on facebook for all the latest and greatest news.  Hint: Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway; the prize is a FREE maternity session. :)

Here’s a couple that I just adore, Kelly and Beau.  Such chemistry between these two!


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Peas & Carrots

Like peas and carrots, newborn twins Hannah and Joshua go together, and yet are each unique in their own way.  Even during their photo session, Hannah slept while a good portion of time Joshua’s eyes were wide open. :)


I think parents who have twins are pretty amazing; Michelle and Ryan were adjusting to two babies and handling everything like champs!


Look whose eyes are wide open again!


Congratulations, Michelle and Ryan!


If you are looking for a Pittsburgh newborn photographer or maternity photographer, please contact Red Lotus Photography or visit the investment page here.  Newborn photos are ideally scheduled to take place within the first 10 days of birth, so please plan ahead and call Sandy before baby is born!  Red Lotus Photography specializes in baby photography, newborn photography, maternity photography and children’s photography in Pittsburgh, Fayette, McMurray, Canonsburg, Bridgeville, Peters, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Shadyside, Wexford, Sewickley, and other areas surrounding Pittsburgh.  Sandy offers children and newborn photography in her Pittsburgh photography studio .  For more information, please contact Sandy today.

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Mama’s Milk | Breastfeeding Portraits

I want to thank my friend Elena at Maternity Girl for allowing me to post these beautiful moments of her and baby.  Stay tuned to the end of the post for a special offer just for breastfeeding (and bottle feeding) mommas!


When my daughter was just a baby, professional photography was not a part of my world yet.  I was very much a newbie; my husband had just bought me a “real” camera, a digital SLR, and I was so excited.  Suddenly I had this great tool, and I wanted to capture every little thing about my precious baby, document every moment, from the milestones to the mundane.

I’m so glad I was able to take those pictures, because now I look at them and they take me right back.  I remember how fuzzy and soft her hair was, like a baby duckling.  I remember how I loved to kiss those pudgy little toes.  I remember how she was so small, that when she fell asleep on my husband’s chest, he would zip his fleece jacket around them both so she looked like a kangaroo in a pouch.

I have photos of all of these things, so special to me, things that I never want to forget.  But do you know what I don’t have?  Pictures that capture the way I felt when I was nursing my baby.


Maybe you’re thinking that it’s strange to want photos of that.  Or maybe, you’re a nursing mom who knows exactly what I mean.


The way your baby looks into your eyes as you give her nourishment.  The little hand reaching up to touch your face; your hand and baby’s hand lightly playing in a way that I can only describe as something akin to dancing.  The soft and quiet sound of baby’s breathing as he or she falls asleep with a full tummy.


Feeding your baby, whether by breast or bottle, gives you a feeling like no other in this world.  Have you ever looked down at your baby and wished that you could somehow bottle this feeling and save it forever?  Wished that there was some way that photos could do justice to the intimate moment you were sharing with your child?  I did.  I knew that this particular time with my child was limited, and I wanted to remember it forever.  I asked my husband, God love him, to take a photo for me; it did not turn out anything like I had hoped.  I even went so far as to try and take a selfie with the camera–anything, anything to capture this feeling.


I had no idea that there were photographers out there who would even consider doing breastfeeding portraits.  I really wish that I had done some research on that.

Well, I may not have had the opportunity, but you do, my dear Mommas–and I hope that you will seize it!

My good friend Elena at Maternity Girl is a wealth of resources for new and expectant moms; she specializes in new and resale maternity and nursing apparel, as well as providing styling services for maternity and nursing photo shoots.  Working directly with suppliers, Elena is able to offer boutique and better brand clothing that you won’t find in your local stores.  Pregnant and nursing moms who want to be fashionable and comfortable should definitely give Elena a call.  (P.S. – Elena’s breastfeeding clothes are perfect for moms who are pumping, too.)

Recently Elena had been feeling all the same things that I had been feeling when I was nursing my child.  She wanted to preserve these memories, and so she asked me to do a breastfeeding portrait session for her.  When she saw her photos afterward, she was so glad that she took the time to do it.  “I really wanted to honor myself and this special time that I have with my baby,” Elena says, “and remind myself, no matter how far we make it, that I was able to do this with my little one.”  You can read her post about her experience here.


Elena and I got to thinking that between her mad styling skills and my ability to freeze time/document life for parents everywhere, that we could offer a special experience for mommas who want to honor this precious time with their babies, too.  That’s why on November 15th, Maternity Girl and Red Lotus Photography will be hosting a breastfeeding mini session event at my studio!

Each momma will have a half hour of styling and consultation with Elena, followed by a half hour photo session with me.  Elena will have a lovely trunk show set up with a selection of  stylish nursing apparel to browse; you’ll have the opportunity to wear some of these items for your photo session, too.



We only have 5 spaces available, so if this is something you want to do, please contact me or Elena right away!


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Little Sunbeam

She’s a little dancing sunbeam, her sparkling presence bringing light to everyone around her.  It’s impossible to hold back a smile when you see those inquisitive blue eyes look at you with a twinkle, a mischievous grin forming as she climbs the chair and stands up high like a daredevil.  Riley is one year old, and she’s ready to take on the world!



It was a gorgeous day for a photo session at Phipps Conservatory.  I love the expression on her face in this image, and the way her tiny toes danced along the edge.


Children’s photography is as much about observation and letting kids be kids as it is about getting them to smile at the camera.  I love their natural curiosity and fascination with everything.


Happy First Birthday, little Riley!!


Pittsburgh Children’s Photographer Sandy Yetter of Red Lotus Photography specializes in newborns, babies, and children in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.  To book your photo session, contact Sandy today.

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Fall Mini Sessions are here!

Mark your calendars; fall mini sessions are now available for booking.  I will be having these photo sessions on two dates, October 4th and October 11th; locations to be announced this week, but my plan is to have one day in the north and one day in the south of Pittsburgh.  $450 includes a 30-minute photography session, 10 images on USB with reprint rights, and an online gallery.  This is a great way to update your photos right before the holidays (which are just around the corner).  Spaces are limited, so please contact me early to reserve your desired time slot!


The October 4th minis will be held at Hartwood Acres mansion, and the October 11th minis will be held at Boyce Mayview Park in Upper St. Clair.


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Welcome to the world, little Gabriel

Baby photos with siblings are always so sweet.  The way big brother and big sister dote on the littlest one, showering him with kisses and trying to be the first one to hold him in their photos together–adorable.  Here are a few favorites from little Gabriel’s newborn photography session.


If you are an expectant mother and you want to capture this special time of your children together, come to my Pittsburgh photography studio for a family photo session in a relaxed atmosphere.  My studio is located just a few minutes from the Pittsburgh Zoo, and has plenty of on-street parking.  For the best results, try to schedule your newborn photos to take place within the first 10 days after birth.  For more information, contact Sandy today.

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Twinkle, Twinkle

Nine months old is such a fun time to photograph babies!  Their personalities really start to shine at this age.  They are sitting up, trying to crawl; they are so curious about the world around them and love to examine everything they can get their hands on; it’s like discovering the world anew through their eyes.  And they are always doing something cute or funny to make you smile!



I offer mini sessions just for babies in the 6-9 month range, so if you want to capture this fun time and maybe want to see what a portrait session with Red Lotus is like, this is the perfect session for you.  Contact me today to book your session!

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Brooklyn is 2!

You know what I like about this little peanut?  She’s smart as a whip.  She’s funny.  And she has personality to spare!  Underneath it all, she has a quiet confidence about her that is completely charming.  All this at the age of 2!



Red Lotus Photography specializes in custom children and family photography in the Pittsburgh area.  For more information on booking your photo session, visit the investment page, or contact Sandy today!

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B E   I N   T H E   K N O W !