Weeds…Issue #2

It’s that time of year again, dear Reader!  No, I’m not referring to the end of the school year, nor the beginning of summer.  No, I’m referring to my annual photo shoot of Miss Sassette in the dandelions.  Once a year without fail it seems, our lawnmower suffers some sort of malady, causing the vegetation in our yard to grow with wild abandon until we can get our mower repaired or hire a lawn service to rescue us.  I have since decided to live by an adage inspired by this annual event; I say, when life hands you weeds…take pictures!

Remember last year’s session?  I can’t believe how much my daughter has changed since then.  I blinked my eyes and she grew overnight.  It only reinforces my belief that what I do for my clients is so very important.  Don’t wait for a special occasion to document your life in pictures!  Any time with your family is special, even if it’s just hanging out in the dandelions.

Jenny - What a great idea Sandy! Your daughter has grown up so much since last year! The photos are adorable!

Katia - Sandy, what a beautiful session. You know exactly how to capture a child, their innocence and their silliness. What a beautiful session for Sam, she doesn’t know it yet but she will treasure these forever!I know it.

Sandy - Aw, thanks Katia!

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Newborn Photography Safety | TLC Tuesdays #5

It has been a while since I posted a Before and After, so I thought I would follow baby Colten’s post with a TLC Tuesday post to show you how I achieved some of the shots safely.  The photography world is abuzz about newborn safety, and with good reason.  A baby’s safety should never be risked for the sake of getting an amazing shot.  When you see a baby in a seemingly impossible pose or an unlikely position, chances are (and I certainly hope this is the case), it is a composite image.  I present to you the magic of Photoshop…

These first two shots show how the mother keeps a hand on the baby at all times; first she holds him from the left, then from the right.

And the final composite image:

Here is one more from a different session, demonstrating the popular “chin in hands” pose.

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Kristi Ternullo - Your work is absolutely beautiful. The safety and care that you provided your littlest clients is so important. Thank you for showing these before and afters – a great learning tool!

Ashley - I loved seeing the before and after photos! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy - Thank you!!

Amanda - So cute! I love the golf one with the clubs, suitcase, and the ball :)

Sandy - Thanks, Amanda! :)

Michel Sauret - What’s the trick in getting the baby to sleep and stay asleep through the setup and shoot?


Sandy - Unfortunately, there is no trick–only lots and lots of patience! They don’t sleep through the whole shoot; they usually wake up, fuss, eat, have their diaper changed, etc. in between setups. The finished product just makes it look like they slept the whole time! :)

Morgan - What stunning work you do!! Just Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, as an up and coming photographer, your work is inspiring!

Sandy - Thank you, Morgan! :)

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Professional Baby Photography | Introducing Colten

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my beautiful former co-workers and her new family.  Jocelyn and I worked together “back in the day” when I was the Activity Director and she the Human Resources Director at a nursing home.  It’s hard to believe how much has changed since then; I had no idea all those years ago that I would be capturing her baby’s first week of life.  Doesn’t she look amazing?  Jocelyn, motherhood suits  you!

Scott is an avid golfer, so I incorporated that into our session.  So cute!

Can I just tell you how over the moon excited I was to finally be able to use my saddle in a newborn session?  Jocelyn loves horseback riding (as do I), and my parents just happened to see this saddle for sale. I had been wanting one for some time, so I was delighted when I got the call about it.   Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Saddle photography prop
Baby in a saddle

Jocelyn and Scott, thank you so much for thinking of me after all this time!  It means the world to me!  (((Hugs)))  Sandy

Jenny - Sandy, this is phenomenal! Such a cute baby. I LOVE the themed portraits, and the saddle is awesome.

Sandy - Thanks, Jenny! :)

Taryn Boyd - These are Amazing! And do I see a new website???

Sandy - Thanks!! And I just changed to this new design a few days ago. What do you think?

Sandy - Thanks!! And I just changed to this new design a few days ago. What do you think?

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Newborn Photography | Welcome to the world, little Eoghan

This little peanut just melted my heart!

Look at that little punum.  Can you stand the cuteness???  I wonder what he was dreaming about.  Moments later, I was able to capture a smile, too!


Meghan and Mark, thank you for allowing me to capture your baby’s precious first portraits!  (((Hugs)))  Sandy


Expecting a little one of your own?  Don’t wait–schedule your session before baby is born.  Contact me here!

Aaron - Nope, I absolutely can’t stand the cuteness at all! That pouty face is just too precious. These photos are wonderful, such a great variety!

Sandy - Thanks, Aaron! :)

Taryn Boyd - these are spectacular! l love the tone on tone

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Newborn Photography Pittsburgh | Drew

Could this little guy be any more perfect?  I don’t think it’s possible!

Michelle and Chuck, congratulations on your perfect little man!  (((Hugs))) Sandy


Expecting a little one of your own?  Don’t wait–schedule your session before baby is born.  Contact me here!

Amanda - I love these :) some of your best yet!

Stephanie Callaghan Smith - A totally gorgeous set of newborn photographs – beautiful!

Taryn Boyd - all your parent/baby shots are perfection. and the feet and sock money pictures are awesome!

Sandy - Aw, thanks, Taryn! :)

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Michelle & Chuck | Expecting

I’ve been photographing some beautiful baby bumps lately!  I had an absolute blast taking Michelle and Chuck’s maternity photos; we couldn’t decide between a traditional elegant look or a modern lifestyle approach for their photos, so we did a little of both!

I love how Michelle and Chuck decorated the nursery!

Chuck has an adorable book by Mercer Mayer that his mom gave to him when he was a little boy.  Now he can pass it on to his own little boy.

Michelle and Chuck, I can’t wait to meet your little man Drew!!


Expecting a little on of your own?  Contact me today to book your maternity and newborn sessions!

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Kim & Ron | St. Patrick’s Day Wedding

Kim and Ron must have had the luck of the Irish on their side, because their wedding on St. Patrick’s Day had gorgeous weather and went off without a hitch!  Their ceremony was held at St. Anne’s in Castle Shannon, followed by a stop at the West End Overlook, and then an awesome reception at the Doubletree By Hilton at the Meadows.  Such a great couple and a fun bridal party–I couldn’t  have asked for more!


Love the stained glass at the back of St. Anne’s.

Killer ring shot by my good friend Aaron Varga who was shooting with me that day.

Congratulations, Kimmy and Ronnie!!!  I wish you many happy years together!  {{{Hugs}}} Sandy

Katia - You totally rock Sandy!!I love every single picture but the last two are my faves, it takes skill!!LOL

Sandy - Thanks, Katia! :)

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Newborn Photography Slippery Rock | Baby Averi

Meet little Miss Averi, 8 pounds and 9 ounces of pure perfection.  Averi’s mom is none other than the gorgeous red-head from yesterday’s maternity session.  Sigh…I could look at her angelic little face all day.

Welcome to the world, little Averi!


If you are pregnant and would like to schedule a newborn session, please contact me as soon as possible, before baby is born!



Katia - OMG seriously??? How precious Sandy!!

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