Newborn Twin Photography Pittsburgh

I had the opportunity to help photograph an adorable set of twin newborn boys the other day with my good friend Taryn of Blu Hippo Photography.  Oh my goodness, I could barely handle twice the usual amount of cuteness!  Thanks so much for letting me tag along, Taryn!

twin baby photographer
twin baby photographer
twin baby photographer
twin baby photographer


Taryn Boyd - ANYTIME Girlie! these are amazing!

Aaron - Twins! So adorable…I especially love the second photo and their little hats!

Amanda - Ahh! Love these – #4 is my absolute favorite though. Love the textures and the hats :-)

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Newborn Photography Pittsburgh|Introducing Gavin

Little Gavin could not have been more perfect; so incredibly cute, and he slept through the whole session.  Big sisters Cassady and Mackenzie, were there to sweetly dote on their little brother.  What a dream!

Burberry Baby Hat

If you are pregnant and want to schedule a newborn session, I recommend calling before baby is due!  Newborn sessions must take place before the baby is 10 days old, so I urge you not to wait.  Contact me today!

Beth - Sandy you amaze me!!! These are fabulous!!! thank you for taking care of this at the last minute, they will be undoubtedly thrilled!

Sandy - It was my pleasure, Beth–thank you so much!

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Mr. & Mrs. Varga|Anniversary Session

You know what might be even better than an engagement session?  An anniversary session!  My good friend Aaron and his lovely wife Amanda celebrated their first anniversary a few months ago, and asked me to photograph a session to help them celebrate.

My favorite of the session.

Aaron and Amanda’s dog was being such a little stinker while we trying to take pictures at Phipps.  He let us know in no uncertain terms that was not pleased at being kept out of the picture.  He almost blew our cover!  But who could get mad at a mug like that?

What an adorable little clown!

Happy Anniversary, Amanda and Aaron!!

Amanda - Aww. We LOVE our pictures. They are perfect and you are amazing :)

Sandy - Thanks! It was my pleasure. :)

Mr. Dr. Chao Wang - You got it with the colors, your got it with the feelings, you got it with the black and whites, you got it, yes, you got it so that it reminds us of our effort towards the same direction :)
Thanks again
Mr. Dr. Chao Wang, English to Chinese Proofreading

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Engagement Photos Pittsburgh|Lindsay & Chris

I knew I like Lindsay and Chris the minute I met them.  They both have warm, easy-going personalities, along with a great sense of humor.  They are just plain fun to be around!  We braved the cold on Friday for a wonderful winter engagement session on the North Shore, and I am so glad we did!  I had the best time documenting their sweet relationship, and I just love how the images turned out.

Thumb wrestling! Yes!

These two photos crack me up every time I look at them.

What a great way to end the session!

Thanks so much, Lindsay and Chris!  Can’t wait for the wedding!!


Aaron - Awesome as always! I realllllllllllly like those shots in front of the red brush, and you captured so many fun moments!

katia - Sandy!!!why haven’t I seen these? They are amazing…that shot at the bridge is superb! I LOVE those sharp lines and bright colors. You are simply amazing!!!

Sandy - Aww, thanks! :)

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Country Wedding at Lingrow Farm|Amanda & Sean:Part 2

As promised, the second half of Amanda and Sean’s wedding.  Enjoy!

rainy day weddings


Sean’s wedding band was handed down through generations; the date inscribed inside the ring reads Sept. 8, 1891–almost 120 years to the day.

amazing night time wedding shots

Amanda and Sean, I am so, so happy for you both.  Thank you for allowing me to document one of the most important days of your life! XOXO, Sandy

Aaron - These two posts are wonderful; too many awesome shots to even pick favorites! I love all details and so many fun reactions. Beautiful wedding and beautiful photos!

Taryn Boyd - you are ridiculously talented!!!!! Love them all!

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Country Wedding at Lingrow Farm|Amanda & Sean:Part 1

I had the extreme honor and pleasure of photographing the wedding of my close friend and fellow photographer, Amanda.  What a day!  Every sweet and sentimental detail resonated with country elegance and rustic charm.

Julie from Pittsburgh Makeup did a beautiful job as usual.

I loved Amanda’s bouquet by Leechburg Floral, which included wildflowers and a stem wrapped in twine.

wildflower wedding bouquet with twine stem wrap
country wedding
pennant banner bunting wedding sign
country wedding favors

Amanda’s cake by Debbie Sutara was to die for.  All those fresh berries!  Believe me when I say it tasted every bit as good as it looked.

wedding cake with berries
cookie table ideas
personalizing wedding details
green bridesmaid dresses

Sean looked so handsome as he waited to see his bride.

More to come tomorrow…

Katia - WHAT? I was excited to get to the bottom and then pffff…”more to come”? LOL – o.k I seriously want to get married again so you can photograph my wedding Sandy!!LOVE IT!can’t wait to see more.

Kristi Ternullo - Simply stunning. You are a wonderful story teller!

Anna - ahhhh that cake took my breath away. I literally gasped when I saw it! love it

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Pittsburgh Baby Photography | Little Miss Sadie

May I present to you, dear Reader, a vision of pure, unadulterated cuteness?  Meet little Miss Sadie…

Don’t you just love this mini four-poster bed and gauzy canopy?  My sweet Dad actually made the bed for me, and my Mom saw the canopy and bought it for me.  Thanks Mom and Dad! XOXO

I am pretty sure Sadie almost broke the cuteness meter!  Congratulations, Kelly, Matt, and big sis Claire–so happy for you!  And thanks so much for all your help, Taryn!!  XOXO  Sandy

Anna - That is by far one of the most adorable sessions I have EVER seen. you got me. Im swooning :)

Taryn Boyd - these are rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katia - OMGGGG, really??? I LOVE THEM ALL!Sandy, awesome! you can feel the innocence.

Kelly - Sandy!!! These are gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Sandy - :D Thanks!

Amanda - You had me at the teeny weeny crown :-D

Aaron - Wow, this is such a unique and creative session! LOVE the birds nest :)

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It’s hard to believe that it is a new year again!  It’s time to start a new folder of images for 2012.  As I look back on my folders from previous years, I am amazed at just how many people I’ve met and photographed…how many people have allowed me into their lives to capture their memories, and in turn, have made their mark on my life as well.  It’s funny how looking at one photo, or holding one memento in your hand can bring back a flood of memories in vivid color.

Believe it or not, but I actually keep thank you notes that I have received.  I’m kind of sentimental that way.  I love stumbling upon them at a later time when I’m looking for something else…I take a moment to read them and remember that I did something really special for that person or couple or family…something that is going to last for generations.

One of my favorite clients, whom I now consider my friend, recently gave me this beautiful metal charm, handmade especially for me by an artist she found on Etsy.  “It’s just a little something,” she said lightly as we met for lunch at the Sugar Cafe.  As I opened the little box, I could actually feel my heart being touched.  Does that sound corny?  I don’t care; it’s the truth.  It was a little something to her, but it meant a lot to me.

What I love the most about the charm is that there are fingerprints ever so lightly embedded into the metal.  I suppose I could try to polish them out, but I don’t want to.  They are a reminder of the artist who made it…the uniqueness of the piece…the fingerprints that I leave on the lives of other people, and in turn, the indelible fingerprints they have left on mine.


Jenny - Awwww. What a sweet gift. I love the fingerprints.

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B E   I N   T H E   K N O W !