Sarah and Rob | Pittsburgh Wedding

You may remember Sarah and Rob from their Couple Session I posted a while back.  I now give you Sarah and Rob: The Wedding!

So sweet.

Beautiful mother and daughter.

The always beautiful St. Mary of the Mount is of course a short walk across the street to the overlook on Mt. Washington.

Image on the left by Kelly, my eye in the sky. :-)

I like the streamers they waved – a colorful and fun alternative to the time-honored bubble reception.

In case you didn’t guess, Rob is a fireman; his awesome friends at the station brought a truck down just for this special occasion.

Sarah and Rob planned a lot of thoughtful details for the enjoyment of their guests, from flip-flops for tired feet  to custom-wrapped cigars; they even had pretzels delivered from the Pretzel Shop.

Even their place cards were personalized with a picture and handmade by Sarah.

Sarah and her dad did an awesome dance routine that started out slow and emotional, then shifted suddenly to bustin’ moves, then back to slow dancing.

DJ Rockin’ Bob did an awesome job of getting people involved on the dance floor!

It was a great wedding for a great couple.  Sarah and Rob, thanks for letting me be a part of it!


Ceremony: St. Mary of the Mount

Reception: Radisson Hotel Greentree

Florist: Botanical Emporium

Entertainment: Rockin’ Bob’s

Bakery: Creations by Carlini

Amanda - Wow! Their wedding came out great! I wish I could have been there :-) Love the pretzels :-) I’m so jealous of the fire truck shot with the bridesmaids up on the roof. SOOOOOO jealous :-D

Sandy - I wish you could have been there, too! Such a nice couple. So glad you sent them my way!

Sarah - YEEAAA you posted our pics! I love love love them and I cant stop looking at them! I know our day was a hot one.. and a long one… but you and Kelly hung in there and worked so hard. I really appreciate everything! I cant wait to call you up when Im preggers, so you can be my “belly” photographer… you cant get rid of us just yet! Thanks Sandy!

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Maria & Josh | Butler Engagement Session

Meet Maria and Josh, the winners of the engagement session drawing from my table at the Succop Conservancy Bridal Show.  How lucky am I to have such a sweet, fun couple win the drawing!  Although they live in Ohio right now, Maria and Josh hail from my hometown of Butler, PA.  We decided to start our engagement session at the courthouse downtown, and we found some really cool spots!  It’s neat how you can find all kinds of interesting nooks when you are on foot, things you never notice when riding in a car.


Love this colorful wall – an advertisement cleverly styled as graffiti!



I’ve had a lot of requests for this one lately!



Maria’s former employer will appreciate this photo. :O)


Maria and Josh, I’m glad it was you who won the engagement session!  I had such a nice time with you both!


J/K it’s not MY spot – but I did a senior session there and it’s a great locale :-) I’ve never seen the graffiti wall – but you should check out the train bridge and the little historical society museum behind the courthouse – you’d love it. My fav shot is the street scene or the ivy!

Sandy - I love that Ivy wall! We will have to get together and come up with our own big book of cool spots!

Butler Country Club Wedding | Maria & Josh | Red Lotus Photography Blog - […] you may remember Maria and Josh from their engagement session, where we roamed the streets of Butler and found some pretty cool spots for photos. It was so great […]

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Introducing Little Man C | Newborn Photographer Pittsburgh

I present to you, dear Reader, Pure Cuteness:

Newborn Photography Pittsburgh


Just 7 days old.  Can you stand it?


Look at that little pout…


Do you know someone who is having a baby soon?  I am extending my newborn portfolio building into October; 50% off the session fee, one digital file, and 25% off prints!

Amanda - Ahh! Cuteness overload! He looks like a little peanut :-)

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Newborn Model Casting Call!

Do you know someone who will be having a baby in September?  I’m looking to expand my newborn portfolio for my new website, and need some models.  In exchange I am offering to waive the session fee and provide 1 full resolution digital file, plus a 50% discount on prints.  Please note the following criteria:

1. The newborn must be 10 days old or younger
2. Parents must be willing to sign a model release
3. Session must take place on a weekday at my studio

I will be taking a limited number of sessions, so please contact me as soon as possible to make plans for when your baby is born.  Thank you!

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Little Miss K: 9 Months

What a pleasure to see Little Miss K again!  She just gets cuter and cuter.

She wore the most adorable felt owl hair clip!



Look at her standing on her little tippy toes–so cute!


Can’t wait to see you on your first birthday, little one!

Amanda - She’s already standing ! I can’t believe it – time goes so fast :-) Her momma will be glad she had these memories captured. The baby time goes so fast.

Jenny - omg, is she cute or what? So cool that you get to photograph the different stages of her development.

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The R Family | Pittsburgh Child Photographer

Meet 7-week old Little Miss M and her beautiful mum:

Meet her brother, Little Man A., who looks is completely adorable whether he is being serious…

…or goofing off!  Here he is pretending to ride his motorcycle – so cute!

Little Man had me smitten when he took my hand and led me outside to show me around.  He likes digging in the dirt, as most boys do; plus he has this ultra-cool helmet he wears when working.

Love this one – kudos to mom for the awesome vintage blue chair and the perfect outfit complete with hat!  I l-o-v-e it when clients bring accessories; little things like that can add so much.

Little Man loves his daddy very much.

Many thanks to the R family for inviting me into their home!  You are beautiful.



Amanda - Ah! #2 with the beautiful wrinkly rolly baby smile :-) What a great session!

Sandy - I know, I love that one! That was actually an in-between moment; she was being changed into a new outfit and I was lucky enough to get a sweet little smile. Love those baby rolls, too!

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Shannon & Ted | Oakland Couple Session

The weather that day was hot-hot-hot; but Shannon and Ted are such cool people that they barely noticed!  (Sorry for the corny pun – couldn’t help myself.)  We started the Couple Session at the Cathedral of Learning, where Shannon and Ted both attended classes at the same time, yet never actually met while going to Pitt!

Love those hydrangeas they have growing all around the cathedral.

If you’ve gone to school at Pitt, at some point you have to get your picture taken with the panther!

I don’t know why, but this one is my favorite.  I love their expressions, the feeling of closeness and happiness.

Shannon and Ted, thanks for such a cool session – I can’t wait for the wedding in September!

kelly - aww, my faves are the black & white one on the step and the one where she’s making ted smell the flower. cuuuute! :D

Alia - I LOVE the pictures!! So gorgeous!!! FYI I’m MOH for their wedding, not some random creeper hahah :)

Sandy - Lol, glad to hear you’re not some random creeper! Thanks for looking – I look forward to meeting you at the wedding!

Alia - Samesies :)

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Jen & Jeff | Phipps Conservatory Wedding

Jen and Jeff had a lovely intimate wedding ceremony at Phipps Conservatory’s outdoor garden, surrounded by their close friends and family. I liked Jen and Jeff the minute I met them – they’ve got a great sense of humor that make them a lot of fun to be around!

Jen’s dress was so pretty; the lace, the shape…I especially liked the sash and brooch that accented the waist.

Blackberry wedding message

Jen secretly gave the officiant a surprise vow to include when it was Jeff’s turn – they had everyone in stitches!

There was an extra guest at the ceremony…

Love this one.

Jen and Jeff timed their pictures perfectly – look at that yummy, hazy lighting.

The glass sculptures and gargoyles on display were amazing; these two images by Kelly.

Love those wedding candy buffets!

wedding candy bar

The cake by Prantl’s Bakery was seriously good.

wedding cake by Prantl

I always like hearing those zingers during the toast. :)

You know, I like to think I’m pretty good at staying in the shadows so that I don’t get in my second shooter’s shots, but every so often we’ll get a gem like this one.  I’m like a blurry image of Bigfoot loping in the background.  Thanks, Kelly.  I’ll be photoshopping myself out now.

Ooo, look at that moon.  So romantic!

Jen and Jeff, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!  I had a blast!


Florist: Donati & Sons

Entertainment: Stasko Digital

Bakery: Prantl’s

Catering: Sodexo – Jeff Spirer – 412-310-7914

Hair/Makeup: HotHeads Salon

kelly - LOL! ohh man, the look on your face is priceless!

p.s. YAY, you put in the bunny!


So that’s what happens when you run out of your “puff of smoke” capsules! Gorgeous wedding, I love that dress and the weather and setting were perfect!

Jen - Wow! The pictures are absolutely beautiful – I particularly love the hazy one and the moonlight shot (you and Kelly worked hard for that one, so sorry, but it looks fabulous)and the ones by the water garden and the Jade flip shot and the one with the pan flute dude…I think you get what I am saying :) Thank you so much for making our wedding memories a was a pleasure to work with both you and Kelly. Can’t wait to see more!

Jen - Forgot to mention that I would prefer you not to photoshop yourself out of the pic – I like it the way it is! We could make a separate album and just hide little headshots of you/Kelly and call it “Where’s the photographer?”.. hee hee

Sandy - Lol, sure – I’ll give you one with and one without my face in there! Thanks for commenting!

anna - Oh my goodness I LOVE her flowers! these are all gorgeous and I especially love the one of them looking at the rabbit. priceless :)

Jenny - LOL! Beautiful pictures. Love, love, love the ones by the side pool. Such great light.

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Weekend Update | Family, Peekaboo, and an Octopus

Happy Monday, dear Reader!  As I sit at my computer editing photos like a fiend, I thought I would do a quick post and share a bit of what is going on in my world.  I’m taking a cue from my good friend Amanda Wilson and doing a Weekend Update post!  (C’mon, Amanda, you knew I was going to steal that one! :D)

Last week was a busy one; my brother was home from Maine, so we drove up to Butler a few times to see him.  It was so nice to see him again; he only comes home once a year now.  We also went to a family reunion, where got to see some relatives that I have lost touch with and meet others I didn’t even know I was related to!

It was great seeing so much of my family in one week; my daughter and her two cousins had a jolly old time romping through the woods, picking flowers from my mom’s garden and splashing around with the garden hose.  There is something about walking through my parents’ woods that is so rejuvenating to my spirits.  I had many adventures in these woods with my dog when I was growing up.  These three pics were taken with my little PowerShot point and shoot camera.


My little nephew is growing like a weed and is cute as a button.  I’m no expert at compressing video for upload, so bear with the quality of this video clip.  I was playing peekaboo with him through his toy mailbox, and just had to record this with my PowerShot, which also does video, and share it with you.  Hope it makes you smile!

We must have done that a hundred times before he got tired of it. My voice was hoarse!

I shot a fabulous wedding this weekend in Cabot, PA, followed by a reception at the LongueVue Golf Club; we couldn’t have asked for better weather or a nicer couple.  I’ll try to get some pics posted soon.

And finally in other news, Oscar is growing up.  Allow me to explain…

My daughter has a stuffed octopus named Oscar, who has endured many a dress-up session, most famously the diaper-wearing phase.  Yes, that’s right; my daughter dressed her toy octopus in a diaper and pretended that it was her baby.  She has never taken a liking to baby dolls like other little girls do; all of her babies are of the aquatic kind.  Last night Little Miss decided that it was time that Oscar started wearing big-girl panties to bed.  Isn’t he a vision?

And that’s it for the first installment of my Weekend Update.  Have a great week, dear Reader!

kelly - LOL love it! Oscar looks to be in a lot better shape than Claire’s favorite doggie. How in the heck do you get such great photos out of a point & shoot??

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