Pittsburgh Baby Photography | Little Miss Sadie

May I present to you, dear Reader, a vision of pure, unadulterated cuteness?  Meet little Miss Sadie…

Don’t you just love this mini four-poster bed and gauzy canopy?  My sweet Dad actually made the bed for me, and my Mom saw the canopy and bought it for me.  Thanks Mom and Dad! XOXO

I am pretty sure Sadie almost broke the cuteness meter!  Congratulations, Kelly, Matt, and big sis Claire–so happy for you!  And thanks so much for all your help, Taryn!!  XOXO  Sandy

Anna - That is by far one of the most adorable sessions I have EVER seen. you got me. Im swooning :)

Taryn Boyd - these are rock star!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katia - OMGGGG, really??? I LOVE THEM ALL!Sandy, awesome! you can feel the innocence.

Kelly - Sandy!!! These are gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Sandy - :D Thanks!

Amanda - You had me at the teeny weeny crown :-D

Aaron - Wow, this is such a unique and creative session! LOVE the birds nest :)

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It’s hard to believe that it is a new year again!  It’s time to start a new folder of images for 2012.  As I look back on my folders from previous years, I am amazed at just how many people I’ve met and photographed…how many people have allowed me into their lives to capture their memories, and in turn, have made their mark on my life as well.  It’s funny how looking at one photo, or holding one memento in your hand can bring back a flood of memories in vivid color.

Believe it or not, but I actually keep thank you notes that I have received.  I’m kind of sentimental that way.  I love stumbling upon them at a later time when I’m looking for something else…I take a moment to read them and remember that I did something really special for that person or couple or family…something that is going to last for generations.

One of my favorite clients, whom I now consider my friend, recently gave me this beautiful metal charm, handmade especially for me by an artist she found on Etsy.  “It’s just a little something,” she said lightly as we met for lunch at the Sugar Cafe.  As I opened the little box, I could actually feel my heart being touched.  Does that sound corny?  I don’t care; it’s the truth.  It was a little something to her, but it meant a lot to me.

What I love the most about the charm is that there are fingerprints ever so lightly embedded into the metal.  I suppose I could try to polish them out, but I don’t want to.  They are a reminder of the artist who made it…the uniqueness of the piece…the fingerprints that I leave on the lives of other people, and in turn, the indelible fingerprints they have left on mine.


Jenny - Awwww. What a sweet gift. I love the fingerprints.

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Photographer Gibsonia | Antics and Adventures

Earlier this fall I met up with one of my favorite families for our annual photo session.  It has been such a pleasure watching their kids grow; I look forward to our sessions every year, because I know I’m going to be surrounded by a whirlwind of silly antics, adventures in the woods, and all around crazy fun as can only be experienced in a household of four children and two dogs.

Dad built this amazing fenced in garden with raised beds.

There are all kind of cool things to be found on an outdoor adventure, like little peppers…

Strange and wonderful bugs…

Prickly pinecones…

Miniature posies…

…and über -cool mushrooms.

Did I ever tell you?  I looove red hair!  Surrounded by a halo of golden backlighting, she looks like a little angel.

Looking forward to our adventures next year!!


To schedule your family session, contact me today!

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Jenny - Beautiful!!! These photos makes me smile. What an adorable family!

Tracy B - Sandy, these are amazing! I love the light! Especially the one with the backlit little red head… so sweet. Awesome as always, girlfriend!

Sandy - Thanks, girls! :)

abdul raheem - very very nice

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Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

Another year has passed, and my sweet little baby has turned 7.  She is growing up so fast right before my eyes.  Birthdays are always so bittersweet for me!

Earlier this year, on no particular day, I decided to take pictures Just Because.  The weather was good, the light was great, and I just so happened to have an adorable Matilda Jane dress and some props around the house.  I think they capture her 6 year old-almost 7 year old personality, which is full of whimsy and imagination.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  XOXOXO

Amanda - And she’s got her trusty octopus with her :D. Happy birthday !! I hope we get to go fishing again this year!

Katia - Beautiful girl! Sandy, gorgeous pictures.

Gina Wade - These are GREAT! Just Because pictures are the BEST!

Sandy - Thanks, girls! :)

Aaron - Beautiful photos!! Great location, fun props, and an adorable little girl. Awesome!

Taryn Boyd - Amazing again Sandy!!!! She is such a cutie!!!!

Sandy - Thanks! :)

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Baby Photography Pittsburgh | Sweet Little Kyla


Allow me to introduce to you Little Miss Kyla, the sweetest, cutest little 5 month old baby you could ever meet, and her beautiful mom, Amanda!  I had the best time capturing all of Kyla’s adorable expressions.  Such a darling!

Thanks, Amanda!  I had so much fun with you and Kyla!!


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Aaron - Wow, I LOVE it! Great location and gorgeous light, and an adorable mom & daughter. My favorite is Kyla laying on her back with her legs up, and all the ones with both of them laying on the blanket.

Jenny - Omg, Sandy! These photos are gorgeous! You really ROCKED this session. Each image is fantastic. I love the ones where you can see the lines of apple trees in the background.

Katia - Aww Sandy!!!What a gorgeous session!!I LOVE them ALL and the lighting was Aaaa-mazing!

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TLC Tuesdays – #4 | The Off Camera Lighting Difference

So, this whole TLC Tuesday thing started as a way for me to show readers the special attention I give to images in post-processing.  But today I decided to do something different.  You see, giving an image TLC at the moment of capture is just as  important as it is in post-processing.  Today’s example is about how I light my wedding formals in a dark church after the ceremony.  Many photographers use only the flash on their camera, which works just fine.  Through my own comparisons I find that I prefer to supplement my on-camera flash with an off-camera flash (or OCF as I will hereafter call it).  The OCF is triggered by a remote attached to my camera; it sits atop a light stand and shoots into a translucent umbrella, which diffuses the light for a more flattering look.  Does it really make that much of a difference?  See for yourself:

What do you think?

Jenny - It definitely makes a difference. Beautiful.

Katia - Sandy!you are so right!I love the after images much more!

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Double Feature! | Pittsburgh City Paper and Brides.com

How cool is this?  I photographed the weddings of two sisters, Maureen and Molly, this year.  And just this week, images from both of their weddings were published!

Maureen and Art’s photo appears in the December 7th issue of the Pittsburgh City Paper, “Best of Pittsburgh” edition.  Maureen and Art held their ceremony and reception at Phipps Conservatory, which was named Best Place for a Wedding Reception.  You can read the full article here.

Molly and Matt’s groom’s cake was featured on Brides.com, and there’s a really cool story behind it.  “Matt loves old black-and-white Japanese films,” says Molly, “and his favorite director is Yasujiro Ozu, so all the film reels are labeled with title/year if the films (even some in Japanese!). He was so excited about it and totally surprised. The kicker was that the cake was his favorite Guinness stout chocolate.”  To see Molly and Matt’s awesome cake as well as some other unique groom’s cake ideas, check out the article here.

Congratulations, Maureen & Art and Molly & Matt!

Taryn Boyd - Well deserved CHICA! AMAZING WORK!

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Children’s Photographer Pittsburgh | Little Man Adrik

It’s hard to believe it has been a little over a year since I photographed Adrik as a newborn–he has grown so much.  What a miracle children are!


Adrik and his mom and dad are huge Penguins fans.  He already knows how to say “We’re #1!” with his little finger.

So nice to see you again, little man!

Amanda - You did the background! It looks awesome!

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