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There’s a Baby in There

Yes, little one, there’s a baby in there.  Can you feel its tiny feet kicking?  Soon you’ll be a bigView full post »

baby pictures pink

Loved Beyond Measure

How can you be so small and yet take up so much room in my heart, little baby?  How can I tell you the depth of my loveView full post »


You will always be my baby. Someday you’ll be all grown up, so let me hold you close in my arms now as much as IView full post »

Teddy Bears and Cheerios

You’re one year old now, my sweet baby boy.  How the time flies! I adore every inch of you, from your head toView full post »

Happy Go Lucky

I want to remember this age.  This adorable, cuddly, happy go lucky age.  You’re finally learning to sit up allView full post »

Little Bitty Baby

Little bitty baby with your little baby nose, you are all sweetness, from your head to your toes. I love capturing allView full post »

Love You More

Is it possible to love you any more, my sweet baby?  Impossible.  Any more and my heart would burst. But then I seeView full post »


The first time I met Big Sister, she was just an infant, a newborn.  So tiny and precious.  When I look at the littleView full post »


You’re 9 months old, sweet little baby…9 months that have passed in the blink of an eye.  And here you areView full post »


You have your mommy’s eyes and your daddy’s smile, but your sweet little personality is all your own.  WillView full post »

Little Seedling

You’re growing so fast, little one.  When we first brought you home from the hospital, you were so tiny, soView full post »

Beautiful Boy

I’ve had the song “Beautiful Boy” in my head all day, and I can think of no better title for this postView full post »

Snuggle Bug

Snuggle bug.  I can’t think of a more fitting term for how adorable little Archer is.  All wrapped up like thatView full post »

Sleeping Beauty

This little princess is the apple of everyone’s eye. Newborn and sibling photos always bring a smile to my face. IView full post »

Bundle of Love

Sweet little Isabel, adored by everyone who meets her – even the family pet!  I love when the whole family,View full post »

Teddy Bear

Meet little Theodore, who is so cute and cuddly that I’m sure he’s already earned the nickname Teddy BearView full post »

Baby of Mine

From your head down to your toes, You’re not much, goodness knows. But you’re so precious to me, Sweet asView full post »

Hello, Baby Louie

Where does the time go, dear Reader?  I blinked and two months passed since I last posted!  I’ll tell you whereView full post »

Little Sugar Plum

This little sweetie was due on Christmas day, but actually arrived the day after New Years day!  What a lovely gift sheView full post »

Sweet Dreams

Baby Joseph must have had some sweet dreams during his newborn photos, because he slept through most of the session andView full post »

Peas & Carrots

Like peas and carrots, newborn twins Hannah and Joshua go together, and yet are each unique in their own way.  EvenView full post »

Welcome to the world, little Gabriel

Baby photos with siblings are always so sweet.  The way big brother and big sister dote on the littlest one, showeringView full post »

Counting Blessings

First there was just the two of them.  Then Ellie made three…and now, Lila makes four.  They are counting theirView full post »

Sweet Meadow

Sweet little Meadow, I had the privilege of photographing your parents’ wedding a few years ago.  It was a mostView full post »

All Because Two People Fell in Love…

Bask in some sweet baby photo goodness, dear Reader.  Doesn’t it make you all warm and cozy inside? By far one ofView full post »

Little Brother

Big brother Sawyer now has a little brother to pal around with.  I can only imaging the adventures that he and ColtonView full post »

Baby Love

Adorable babies swaddled as snug as a bug, nestled in baskets with fur…so sweet and cuddly.  Little Ella looksView full post »


Fuzzy hair, soft as a duckling.  Tiny toes and little fingers.  Contented sighs and loving gazes at the sweetest faceView full post »

Little Things

There is such a big difference between the time when baby is a newborn and when he’s 6 months old.  You hardlyView full post »

Two Peas

There is something special about the bond between twins.  They will always have each other. :)  These two sweetheartsView full post »


A soft sigh. A smitten gaze.  A smile and a look into each other’s eyes that says, “How did we get so luckyView full post »

Hello, Baby Kayden

I really like to personalize a client’s photo session whenever possible; one of the ways we can do that is byView full post »

Fresh as the New Fallen Snow

What a wondrous thing a new life is, dear Reader…View full post »

baby with twinkle lights backdrop

Twinkle, Twinkle

I don’t know what is more sparkly, little Olivia or the twinkle lights that served as her backdrop…Oh, whoView full post »

Hello, Little Riley

Just 6 days old, this little sweet pea slept through most of her newborn photos.  Meet the adorable Miss Riley, who isView full post »

The Darling Miss Olivia

She has her mommy’s eyes…bright, thoughtful, and kind.   And it may be too early to tell, but I think sheView full post »

Hello, Little Maeve!

With sweet chubby cheeks and a fuzzy head of hair, little miss Maeve made her newborn photography debut  in “View full post »


Newborn twin photography sessions are a special treat, because it’s twice the cuteness!  May I introduce to youView full post »

Gianna {7 Months}

This little peanut has grown so much in just 7 months since her newborn photos!  Gianna and her mom came by the studioView full post »

Welcome to the World, Sophia

Meet little Miss Sophia, who made her newborn photography debut at just a week old.  Something about this little peanutView full post »

Hello, Baby Caitlin

I had a lovely outdoor newborn photography session recently, and I am smitten with the elements of nature in theseView full post »

Introducing Baby Carter

Being a newborn photographer brings such joy to my heart, dear Reader.  As I’ve said many times before, I justView full post »

Welcome to the World, Brady

I had the pleasure of doing a second newborn photography session with a wonderful couple recently.  After photographingView full post »

Welcome to the world, Little Lula

Just 5 days old, little Lula slept like a champ during her newborn photography session.  Could she be any more preciousView full post »


Just a few favorites today from a recent newborn photography session with beautiful little Makenna… ——View full post »

Welcome to the World, Noah!

I’m not going to lie, dear Reader.  Being a newborn photographer in Pittsburgh really is an awesome job!  Sure,View full post »

Eoghan is 1!

Remember little Eoghan from his newborn photography session?  Recently I had the pleasure of photographing his one yearView full post »

Welcome to the World, Little Declan

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little bundle ever since I photographed his mommy and daddy’View full post »

Welcome to the world, Baby Gianna

Baby as art.  That is what I think of when I look at little Gianna.  I can just see her newborn photos as a big 20&#View full post »

Welcome to the World, Little Atticus

Most of my baby photography sessions are with first-time parents and their newborn, so it’s always a treat whenView full post »

Baby Photographer Pittsburgh | Elle

My new studio was graced by a little angel, dear Reader.  You already met her parents in one of my previous posts ofView full post »

Pittsburgh Baby Photographer | Francesca

Welcome to the world, little Francesca! If you are looking for a Pittsburgh baby photographer or maternity photographerView full post »

Welcome to the World, Little Ellie

I was beyond thrilled, dear Reader, when I was contacted by one of my past clients, whose engagement session IView full post »

Newborn Photographer | Welcome to the World, Little Miley

Sweet little Miley is every bit as beautiful as her mother!  I had the pleasure of doing Kelly and Ian‘sView full post »

Newborn Photography | Welcome to the world, little Eoghan

This little peanut just melted my heart! Look at that little punum.  Can you stand the cuteness???  I wonder what heView full post »

Pittsburgh Baby Photographers | Little Miss Paige

This newborn photo session was twice as sweet as the usual because I got to work with baby Paige and her big sister MiaView full post »

Professional Baby Photography | Introducing Colten

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my beautiful former co-workers and her new family.  Jocelyn and IView full post »

Newborn Photography Slippery Rock | Baby Averi

Meet little Miss Averi, 8 pounds and 9 ounces of pure perfection.  Averi’s mom is none other than the gorgeousView full post »

Baby Photography Pittsburgh | Sweet Little Kyla

Allow me to introduce to you Little Miss Kyla, the sweetest, cutest little 5 month old baby you could ever meet,View full post »

Newborn Photography Pittsburgh|Introducing Gavin

Little Gavin could not have been more perfect; so incredibly cute, and he slept through the whole session.  Big sistersView full post »



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